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Inti, God of the Sun, is the leader of the Ayllus and the most powerful God of the Pantheon. He is the father of the legendary Manco Capac, the first Inca emperor. As the first born of Viracocha, Inti is so sacred to his people that his name could not be uttered.

Inti was the one who created the Inca civilization and protected them from the flood created by his father. He funded Cuzco, the Inca capital over the place of his birth, Lake Titikaka. He is the parangon of leadership, being powerful but kind, merciless to his ennemies and caring to his friends.

Like a father to his subjects, Inti was the most angered by the fall of the Incan Empire. Even though the stars had foreseen such a downfall, Inti could not fully accept it.
As the dominant God of the pantheon, Inti is the leader of the more traditionnalists. He was the one who ordered the last Incan remnants to remain hidden and he is still at odds with the biggest pantheons, especially the Theoi. However, with the threat of titans growing larger and larger, the Ayllus is starting to question this strategy as isolation could mean their doom. In his pride, the Father in the Sun sees it as an opportunity to reveal the greatness of the Incan way. After all, the stars have promised change, but continuity. And the Sun is not stopping anytime soon.

Inti visits his people almost exclusively, propagating his essence in their royal families. As a noble, a general or a crusader, he is always a proud traditionnalist, with a radiant charisma and a fierce will. His progeny, though numerous, rarely leave the Incan enclaves. When they do however, they are always proud of their origin, determined and natural leaders, with a tendency to despise overthinking or sneakiness.

Associated Powers

Fire - Life
Light - Sun
Fey Sorcery - Summer
Fire - Destruction
Fire - Strife
Light - Brightness
Order - Control

Associated Abilities