A conscience awakens. A glimpse of light appears. A new flow of energy is shining in the big cosmic pool and an old figure to greet it.

Hello there ! Welcome to the Wyrdwalkers Universe ! Don’t be afraid. My name is Meng Po. Whether you are a rookie player in the realm of roleplay or a veteran who went through fire and blood for several years (decades ? centuries ?), I am here to guide you in your newest incarnation.

I'm not going to lie : this Universe is vast and complex, literally infinite in its possibilities. So here are a few explanations on where you are setting foot. Do you want some tea ? Where did I put this fine black tea ? That's a shame, it was grown in the Jade Sea in fields that are older than me. But please, have a sit, you will need it !

I/ A Cosmic Conundrum

Zeus, Horus, Amaterasu, Sun Wukong, Shiva,…all of the Gods from ancient mythologies from all around the World are real. They are spread in roughly a dozen groups called Pantheons and all of them have a different approach toward the World and its inhabitants. They do share one feature though : each of them is no stranger to rivalries (and sometimes wars) between Pantheons. And they might need you ! But we’ll get to that in time.

On the other side are the Titans, pure incarnation of every concept existing on and around the World. Gaïa is the incarnation of Life, Surtr is the incarnation of Destruction, Ouranos is the incarnation of Calm. Those beings are so caught in their own core nature that they have become incapable of being something else. They are a kind of cosmic fanatics, purely elemental beings fully dedicated to the forces they embody.
They are fanatics, but not all of them are malevolent, even though all of them are exceedingly powerful. Some Titans embody concepts that are not harmful for beings living on Earth. Sedna for instance, embodies the Water as Provider, Helios embodies the Light of the Sun and Selene is the Night as the Moon. The three of them, and some more, nurture good relations with the Gods.

So now, we have two main forces struggling against each other without any form of restriction. None of them can be qualified as heroes or villains, although if you ask for my opinion…no ? That’s fine, I’m used to that. Moving on.

In the middle of it all stand two other types of beings : humans - no need to present them - and Mythborns.
What are Mythborns ? Very keen question sir / lady ! Well, do you remember the tales your parents used to read you when you were a child ? The ones talking about witches, elves, werewolves, dragons and other fantasy creatures ? Those are what we call the Mythborns. They used to inhabit on the World until human expansion made them move on the edges of civilization. Each species of Mythborns is linked to Nature. Unfortunately, the same way they have been pushed away by human colonization, they find themselves between the hammer and the anvil within the war between Gods and Titans. And since Gods usually consider them like evolved pets, they don’t have a high opinion on us, divine beings. That doesn’t mean they are willing to lose their free-will and join the Titans. But that does mean they will get angry at everything the Gods represent almost every time.

Now…what is your purpose here ? Interesting question indeed…let’s proceed, shall we ?

II/ Influence and Power

As you understood, there is a Great Cosmic War being waged as we speak. And do you know where is the main battlefield ? Yes, the World !
Each faction of this War has interest in getting more and more influence on the World.

Titans only thrive to make their concept the only one that exists, ever will and ever did. That’s simple and straightforward enough, as Titans are after all. On the other hand, the Gods wish to hold influence on the World to repel the Titans, that’s obvious, but also to harness and control the flows of Souls.

Like you…

Indeed, Souls are the Pantheons’ main source of power, because of what we call Legend.
I’m sure humans have a definition for it. Let me grab this book…oh, there it is : “A collection of stories about an admirable person”. That’s exactly what it is. You humans also call it “Reputation” or “Legacy”. Each and every one of you has gathered a certain amount of Legend. Through your careers, your deeds good and bad, your travels and all of your actions in life. Anything that makes people - nay, the Universe as a whole - remember you is called Legend.

In Wyrdwalkers, beings with enough Legend can harness its power to twist reality and change it in a way that fits them by channeling it using various types of magic. But those who cannot do such deeds still hold some amount of Legend and, when you die, your Soul ends up in an Underworld controlled by a Pantheon. Usually the one controlling the place on Earth where you died.

Unfortunately, since recent events (in the eyes of the Gods, but ancient to you), the Gods cannot directly meddle onto the World anymore. So, they have been using what we call Godborn. Beings that are half-human, half-God. I’m sure you know some of them. Hercules maybe ? Maui ? Those are the most famous Godborn known to your species. And that’s where you intervene : as a newcomer, you can choose your Destiny and become a divine agent in order to, why not, become a God yourself in the future.

You want to be a Triad leader looking forward to expand his influence all around the World ? That’s fine. You want to be an archaeologist set on a perpetual path leading to ancient secrets ? That’s good too. You want to be half-elf, half-God trying to promote the virtues of night and winter ? That’s…fine…I guess. In any case, you can be whatever you want, how you want, when you want.

III/ Cosmic Onion

You hear me jabbering on about the World a lot. And that’s normal because it’s where a good part of your upcoming adventures are going to be set. From hidden necromancer cults to gang wars in the biggest cities on Earth, this is where you will have every opportunity to prove yourself in the eyes of your divine parent. Or just carve your own path out your enemies’ flesh. As I said, you are free.
But there are other places out there, places where mythical creatures live.

First of, you have the Overworld. This is the cosmic plane where Gods and Titans live. This is where we are now as we speak and as you just emerge from the reincarnation process.
The Overworld is a place of concept, where every realm in it is literally infinite in space and time. Everything here is pure energy and metaphors. Even though what you will experience here seems very…solid to you, this is nothing material. That doesn’t make it less real though, after all energy is matter and the other way around, right ?
Because every part of the Overworld is spatially infinite, conventional human geography is absolutely obsolete here. Each parts share borders with one another through common concepts. This is definitely not a place for regular humans. Those poor creatures would be crushed into pieces - both mind and body - in a matter of seconds upon entering the Overworld.

The second and last one is actually a group of places, called the Otherworlds. They are the bridges that keep the World and the Overworld separated and these are where the vast majority of Mythborns live. The Dark Forest, Davy Jones’ Locker or Utopia are among such places. They all represent a natural concept, less primal than the Titans’ though. For instance, the Dark Forest embodies the fear humans have had for millennia to be lost in a forest (at night or not). Unfortunately, hammer…anvil. Those places are caught between the conflicts of interest of Gods and Titans and are counted among the most used battlefields of both factions. To the damn of Mythborns…

Well, that's it. I hope the tea was good because you won't get some more until your next reincarnation. Now, you are ready to choose your Destiny and walk along your Fated path as it pleases you.

Speaking of which…something tells me I forgot to tell you something. Oh yes ! Destiny ! Well, all I can say is: beware of Fate !

Bye bye and good luck !