Cosmic Planes

The Wyrdwalkers Universe is composed of 3 major cosmic planes: the Overworld, the Otherworlds and the World.

The Overworld is the divine plane. Home of both Gods and Titans realms, the Overworld is infinite in both time and space. Because of that feature, conventional notions of geography are obsolete in the Overworld. In there, two realms share borders through Legend. The map below shows the connections between the titanic realms:

Current Overworld
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For instance, Muspelheim, the titanic realm of Fire, shares a connection with Terra, the titanic realm of Earth through the various concepts both of them share. Xiuhtecuhtli, Titan of Fire as Life, is connected to Gaia, Titan of Earth as Life.
To access the Overworld, one has to go through a specific Axis Mundi or through Otherworlds connected to their destination.

The World is the human plane. Planet Earth, the blue jewel. This is where most of the campaigns take place, or at least begin. The World is the battlefield of Gods and Titans, both trying to grow their influence on it. Titans look to express their concepts and the World is their canva. Gods, on the other hand, need human souls to gain in power, the more they can hold into their influence, the more power they get as pantheons. But Titans and Gods cannot step onto the World without suffering serious fatebindings, which would lead them to either merge with their titanic realm (Titans) or become Titans themselves (Gods).

The Otherworlds. Plural. Otherworlds are bridges between the Overworld and the World. Their existence is the consequence of the separation between Earth and Sky found in human mythologies. There are a number of them, each representing a given aspect and populated with Mythborns. The Dark Forest, Shambhala or The Endless Sewer are such Otherworlds.

Often, players will hear about the Underworld. Assimilated as such by many, it is actually not a cosmic plane. Realm of eternal rest for the Souls, the Underworld is a part of Sheol - the titanic realm of Death - colonized by the Gods and turned into what it is today since all Souls are forced to enter Death one way or another.


In this universe, players will encounter - or even play - various types of species, all having their unique set of skills

Enlightened Humans:
Usually members of Secret Societies, enlightened humans are regular humans who received at birth a legend gift. Therefore, they can tap into Legend and use special abilities common humans do not even know about. Most of them would rather use their skills to give Humanity its independance in the war between Gods and Titans.

Godborns are children of Gods, or as human mythologies calls them, demi-gods. Originating from a God’s Legend infusion into a human (by pure infusion or mating), Godborns are the main agents of the Gods over the World plane. As the latters cannot come onto the World personally, they use indermediates to do their job. They can seem like obedient little soldiers, and some truly are, but Godborns are half human, which means the extent of displayed personnalities and ambitions is as diverse as humanity itself. A Godborn can be loyal to their parent, but they can also rebel, follow their own tracks, cut ties with their pantheon, or even get corrupted and maybe join the side of Titans.

Mythborns are creatures of fairy tales. Dragons, werewolves, wormwolves, trolls, dwarves, elves,…All of them are the physical manifestation of a Kami, a being living in the Wyrd, and live within an Otherworld. They all represent an aspect of the World and are therefore very close in nature to titanspawns, except they are all free to evolve and are not stuck in their own nature. Despite being creatures of Legend, mythborns cannot reach Apotheosis, even though some of them are powerful enough to challenge the Gods - see the Dragon Kings.
As people of Otherworlds, mythborns also are bridges between World and Overworld and their diversity of species, nature and opinions has prevented them from forming any kind of durable alliance.

Created by a Titan, titanspawns can be highly intelligent tacticians or very primal beasts, all depending on their purpose. All of them are designed and, most of all, thriving to express the concept they are bonded to. A titanspawn of Fenrir will always want to scare other creatures and a titanspawn of Sedna will always thrive to provide.

Some History

In the beginning, the World was not separate from the Overworld. The Great Adversary, the Primordial Titan, ruled the World. A young humanity lived in fear, hiding from the wrath of the Titan. Their cries were heard by an entity called Enlil, the first God, and patriarch of a race of deities, the Primarchs.

The Primarchs faced the Great Adversary, defeated it and torn it to pieces which they banished outside of the World, creating the known Titans. Indeed, Titans cannot be killed, as killing a Titan destroys the physical aspect it represents, with catastrophic consequences.
The Primarchs lost most of their numbers in that war, and decided to retreat to their respective Godrealms in order to heal. They left behind one of their own, The Watcher, to wake them from their slumber in due time. However, the Watcher instead destroyed the portals from the World to the Primarch realms.
Over time, minor divinities of the World increased in power, and allied with each other, becoming the ancient Gods and forming Pantheons.

Over the centuries, vast civilizations appeared, and Gods settled in their new role as supreme rulers of the World. Meanwhile, the Titans kept on assaulting the World, sending their spawn to topple the Gods. But the Gods could not fight back in person, fearing Fate. Instead, they created spawn of their own. Having children with the mortal humans (or mythborns), the Gods created Godborns (or Wyrdborns), Demigods with the power to fight the Titanspawn but clean of any Fatebindings.

Players will incarnate such personas, caught in the Overworld War and struggling against Fate itself to accomplish their objectives.