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Art by uildrim

Invokation is the Legendary Ability of being able to reach directly into the Web of Fate to draw out and use Legend. Unlike Druidism or Hematurgy, this Discipline does not draw from worldly sources, instead tugging on the Web of Fate for power. Because many uses of this Discipline involve drawing power from the Titans themselves, it is considered an extremely powerful, but extremely dangerous Discipline, prone to Fatebindings, particularly Invokation of Order, coming from Kosmos.
Invokation is the primary power of most Gods - Zeus invokes Lightning, Amaterasu invokes Sunlight, Tezcatlipoca invokes Darkness - and is a diverse field, with as many different variations as there are practitioners. Because Invokation requires that the user channel and guide the acquired power with the use of their own Legend, only beings of Legend are able to use this Discipline.