Isfet, the opposite of the Neter concept of Ma'at, is the behaviors which create disorder, imbalance, and destruction. They have been called many things: "bad karma", "sin", "pāpa", "dhanb"…But these all refer to the same idea: actions which create disorder, and go against the established Order of the Universe.

Enlightened humans can use Isfet create disorder around themselves by openly indulging in sin: greed, lust, envy, wrath…through these, they can counter the natural Order of Fate. This allows them to break apart the structure of Fate around them, which weakens Legendary creatures and distorts their nature and abilities, sometimes permanently.

The most proficient users can render powerful Godborns or Titanspawn powerless, the Sin around them keeping Fate at bay. Destiny becomes muddled, the future open to any possibility, even the past losing its certainty. However, Isfet comes at a cost, the least of them being the disturbances left behind in the Wyrd which makes users of Isfet easy to track - and kill.

The Secret Societies all have some users of Isfet, but the Illuminati have turned it into a true art form, indulging in the greed for money and power to harness the power of Isfet.