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Egyptian Goddess of Magic, Isis is Geb and Nut's daughter, Osiris's wife-sister and mother of Anubis and Horus. She earned her Goddess of Magic title after she discovered the Heku magic.

Pale skin, dark-haired and green eyed, Isis is the Neter's plotting master and is at the center of the most important events which forged the pantheon as it is nowadays.

Isis is the archetype of the ruthless protector: if her loved ones, especially Osiris, is threatened or the very essence of the Neter is about to collapse, she will not hesitate to do something about it. To achieve her objectives, she will use any of the tools she has, including her charms.

Watching the downfall of the Neter alongside her brothers and sisters because of Atum Re's growing pride and arrogance, Isis decided to poison her leader. A deceitful move in order to save the concept of Ma'at but the only viable option. As the Goddess of Magic, Isis has more subtle ways to complete her duty, a level of subtlety the other Gods were lacking and which made them fear Re's backlash if any of them were to try something.

Desperate and dying, Re called for his sibling to cure him and this is when Isis asked for Re's true name. To the Neter, one's power resided in their full name. Out of options, Re had to show humility and reveal his name to the very person who came to cure him, not from poison, but from himself. Since that day, Re's power became the same as his fellow companions and Osiris was chosen as the Neter's new leader. Only she and Bastet are aware of Re's name and it is surely the most guarded secret of the pantheon, Isis using all of her skills and resources in order to protect it from any living being in all three planes and Otherworlds.

She is Osiris' wife and ruled the Neter as its queen after the Neter's power shift. Both of them were living happily together, with their son Anubis who inherited psychopomp duties. Until Set plotted to assassinate his brother and succeeded, taking over Osiris' rule over the Neter. Thrown into a deep grief, Isis managed to hide her husband's mummy from her brother into the Buto swamps with the help of Sobek's. But Set found it while hunting and, mad of anger, scattered his brother's body all over Egypt. Helped by her son Anubis, Isis managed to gather all the body parts but the genitals. Realizing her husband will never be the same being, and so unable to take back the lead from Set, Isis used her magic to craft a tool to replace her husband's phallus and conceive Horus, who she was planning to raise to take over Set. After the conception, Isis and Anubis managed to give Osiris his life back and sent him to Duat to rule over the Underworld, with help and protection from their son Anubis.

Meanwhile, Horus were born as a weakling and he and Isis spent years fighting or escaping Set, who was supported by Re - not really fond of Horus, son of the one whom he sees as a betrayer. Eventually, Horus grew strong enough to defy his uncle in trials which the falcon-headed God won without exceptions, vanquishing Set and becoming - up to this day - the Neter's official ruler. Even if her son is now far from the weakling he was at his birth, Isis still does her best to protect him. Some say it is because of her motherly instinct, others are more blunt and say she is keeping Horus tied to a leash.

Like their mother, Isis's Godborns are driven by secrets and their ruthlessness often drag them into dark plots, sometimes against their own will. They usually work for the greater good. For them, the end justify the means and they will never hesitate to use their charisma to complete their goals. They are politicians, diplomats, oligarchs, industrial spies or corporate lawyers.

Associated Powers

Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Chwal - Puppeteer
Order - Self-Control
Night - Stars
Runic Druid

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