Itztlacoliuhqui is the titan Avatar of Death as Cold, currently in Tartarus after he was defeated during the Second Titanomachy. He is a fierce enemy of the Gods, a rival of Camazotz and a heartless mastermind.

In the first days of the Teotl, the Cardinal Gods were fighting for influence. Mixcoatl had tried to take over after the First Titanomachy by attempting to kill his mother with his four hundred sons only to be defeated by Huitzilopochtli himself.

The position of Cardinal God remained open. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, the lord of dawn, son of Tezcatlipoca, was currently the main contender for the position. He had energy, power, ambition… But Huitzilopochtli did not want the council to have two contestants to his ruling. Therefore he asked for all Gods to make him a sacrifice in order to prove their submission.

Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli refused out of pride (just as Huitzilopochtli predicted) and gathered all his power in a powerful fiery arrow that he shot at the Hummingbird of the South, trying to kill him. The arrow was imbued with all the power of the dawn and the fire of hate. Nevertheless, the Hummingbird God proved too nimble, and the arrow missed its mark.

Huitzilopochtli had prepared his own arrow. A cold obsidian projectile that flew across the sky, piercing the skull of Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli… The arrow represented the antithesis of what the God of Dawn was. He was filled with the ambition, the arrogance and the promises of dawn. His body became cold, inhuman as the skin turned blue and froze. His face peeled into a frightful and expressionless mask. He had become a full-fledged Titan avatar, Itztlacoliuhqui, the Avatar of Death as Cold. He fled the pantheon (leaving the position of Cardinal God to Quetzalcoatl) and hid in Sheol, building his own kingdom, vassal only to the Grim Reaper.

Itztlacoliuhqui represents matter in his frozen, lifeless state. The fire of Dawn had been swallowed by the blackness of obsidian. But ambition remained. During the Second Titanomachy, he joined Kronus, as he represents the aspect of Death that is the closest to pure Order. He was in charge of containing the most violent titans and Gods while Kronus was uniting them. With the fall of Kronus came his own, and he was thrown into Tartarus for his actions against the Gods.

Itztlacoliuhqui is pragmatic, methodical and powerful. He knows how to exploit his ennemies weakness, especially their emotions in order to crush them methodically. He drains energy and warmth from life with a relentless assault and the bite of cold. He is efficient in creating death around him : from killing by intoxication due to a breaking of the cold chain to avalanches engulfing daring athletes, Itztlacoliuhqui is relentless but methodical. That puts him directly at odds with Xiuhtecuhtli (now an avatar of life and heat) and with Camazotz, who kills indiscriminately and aimlessly. This rivalry helps the Teotl as their two enemies use a lot of resources to fight each other… However, if one of them were to ultimately triumph, the victor would emerge as a monstrous threat.