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Izanagi (‘he who invites’) is the creator of the Amatsukami, the creator of the land of Japan and the most powerful Japanese God.

With his powerful naginata named Ame-no-nuboko ("Heavenly Jeweled Spear"), he stirred the ocean. Withdrawing the spear, salt crystallised into drops on the tip and these fell back into the ocean as islands. Ame-no-nuboko is still today considered one of the most powerful relics on the side of the Gods, and no being considers a committed Izanagi an easy opponent.

Izanagi and his wife Izanami tried to have children, but the ceremony went sour and their firstborn were the horrid titanspawns Hiruko ("leech child") and Awashima ("pale island"). Despaired, Izanagi went throughout the World to try to explain this twist of Fate, meeting the nymph Styx (who fell of an unrequited love for him) and many Wyrdseeing users.
The augurs were adamant, the falsed ceremony was the cause of their horrific progeny and maybe, making it right could allow Izanami to carry a healthy child. However, Fate did not leave the couple alone and though the second mating ritual was done perfectly, the offspring was no other than Kagutsuchi, the spirit of Fire, who unwillingly burnt and killed Izanami during childbirth. Izanagi cut his son in pieces and dropped him in the lava of Muspelheim

Izanagi tried to free Izanami from the japanese Underworld Yomi, but the pain and the lies of Mikaboshi had turned her into a monster. She attacked him, wounding him badly, and he barely escaped as he could not consider raising his blade against his wife. However, she cursed him with a horrid blight, his flesh turning black, corrupted by the Legend of Sheol and Darkness. The nymph Styx came to his aid, thanks to a powerful cleansing ritual, she washed away the curse and used his dripping ichor to spawn children (for example Amaterasu was born when Izanagi cleaned his left eye).
However the ritual had drastic effect, Styx became an Avatar of Death and Izanagi became despondent, discouraged and generally depressed…

What was once a powerful, mighty and noble God became a bit detached. He lost his lovely wife who now hates him with every fiber of her being, his only children caused the doom of the only remaining creature who loved him… As the God of the Sky, he went on to divide the World between his children with Amaterasu inheriting the leadership of the Pantheon, Tsuki-yomi taking control of the Night and Moon and the storm God Susano-o owning the Seas and Shores.
He remained high in the sky, managing the movement of planets, changing the weather and watching over Japan, his creation. His spleen does not seem to fade and prevents him to fully use his power. He is close to other morose Gods and beings such as Viracocha or Dodola and even Ouranos, but mainly remains secluded from the Overworld political game.
However, a few things are able to make him move, such as a great threat to Japan or to stop Mikaboshi's plans. On these very rare occasions where his power does show, Izanagi is a mighty and relentless foe, using his jeweled spear to crush his ennemies in one swift blow and a slight sigh.

When he visits the World, Izanagi is usually a sad figure. From the stern salary man to the depressed slam poet, Izanagi usually finds a japanese woman who reminds him of his lost love. Everyone can see the greatness in him, a sense of old nobility crushed by trauma. He is always lost in his thought, his eyes watching the sky, but when his gaze does focus on something, it makes it feel both humbled and loved. His progeny is not always taken care of. He watches over them, but is not really concerned with what they do with their gifts. They are therefore talented, but kind of broken. Their nobility and martial prowess are undeniable, but without their father's guidance, they are sometimes used by more manipulative beings and seem to attract tragedy.

Associated Powers

Water - Healing
Sky - Peace
Sky - Rain
Night - Moon
Night - Stars
Tai Yi - Flow
Green Druid

Associated Abilities

First Aid