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Izanami is Izanagi's wife and the undead japanese Goddess of Death. When the couple created Japan with the mighty jewelled spear Ame-no-nuboko, Izanami was thrilled. At last, she could have blessed children with her husband and the land they had created both in the World and the Overworld could welcome their progeny.
She was so excited in fact that during their first mating ritual, Izanami spoke first in greeting. Izanagi did not think that this was proper, but they mated anyhow. They had two children, Hiruko ("leech-child") and Awashima ("faint island"), but they were born as deformed titanspawns.

After consulting the oracles of the World, they realized their mistake and mated again properly. They were successful, but Fate had plans for the couple. Izanami spawned elemental deities (such as Raiju) the last of which was Kagutsuchi, the incarnation of fire, who killed Izanami during childbirth. She died horribly, burnt to her very core, and her essence travelled to Yomi, the japanese Underworld, a realm of Sheol particularly close to Nyx and Patala. Yomi is a dark place, with no light, where souls err for years. Izanami fell deep inside this realm, broken, shamed… Her body was atrocious, already eaten by worms and the foul creatures of the Underworld. That is when Mikaboshi's agents got to her. They saved her from the lost souls but fed of her pain and misery. Izanagi would never take her back. She was broken, repulsive, shameful, unable to give him the children that he wanted… She had to remain here, in the dark and plot her revenge.

But her love remained, the final barrier against the Titan's lies. When Izanagi finally found her, she was delighted. He promised to take her back despite being fatebound to the Underworld. She decided to prepare before leaving the darkness of Yomi. However when Izanagi lit his comb to gaze upon his wife, he was horrified and screamed. That horror pushed Izanami into madness… She pursued her husband, cursing him and using all the powers over death and darkness she had acquired. He barely escaped, blocked the passage to Yomi and his cleansing ritual in the Styx gave birth to the Amatsukami. Filled with hatred, she vowed to take a thousand human lives per day, to which her husband replied he would generate 1500 humans a day.

Surrounded by the Shikome, horrid undead women, Izanami is now the Queen of the Underworld. She is not an ally of the Titans, but not of the Gods either. She is alone, hateful and hated, fearful and feared. She is not completely without allies however : Hel, Kalfu, Shapona and Xipe Totec are the few Gods who come to visit her, and then only occasionally. She has recently gotten close to Trokan, but no one knows the true purpose of this new partnership…

Izanami has trouble visiting the World. She usually uses one of her Shikome as vessel and sire Godborns. As a crazy old cat lady, a dark receptionist in a creepy country hotel or a seemingly nice brothel madam who cannibalizes dishonorable client, Izanami has trouble finding a man who tolerates her presence long enough to father a child. Additionally, she is relentlessly pursued by Fate, and her children are always difformed, either psychologically or physically. Almost autistic, they never enjoy the company of their peers, prefer the stillness of earth and death to the futilities of life. However, they hold great and dark powers that are never underestimated and sometimes, they are taken by other deities at a young enough age that they can become more… normal… It was foretold by Wyrdseer however that one of Izanami's Godborn will inherit his/her legend from the spark of life that remains within her, the one she once was before her death. And that this Godborn will save her… This prophecy is the only thing preventing more "expeditive" Gods to take immediate action against the corrupted japanese queen of death…

Associated Powers

Spiritwalking - Soulbinding
Chwal - Puppeteer
Depths - Underground
Depths - Decay
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Night - Moon
Death - Horror
Depths - Abyss
Night - Void

Associated Abilities

First Aid

Known Godborns