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The Jade Principles Golden Script is the Celestial Bureaucracy's set of rules to define its meritocratic system.
Masterpiece of the first Jade Emperor and God of Law, Gao Yao, it contains literally an infinite amount of laws, all designed to improve the Bureaucracy's efficiency in every domain.

Gao Yao is constantly working on it, writing new laws every minute, and some say the Script itself is actually alive and could actually be a Kami. If that is the case, that would mean this Kami would have gathered enough Legend to be on the verge to become a Mythborn.

Here are a few laws from the Golden Script:

  • #1: The Yellow Emperor has the power to override any law from the Jade Principles Golden Script
  • #2: The Jade Emperor holds the same authority if allowed by the Yellow Emperor
  • #5: Godborns and Wyrdborns hold the same rights over accessing godhood among the Bureaucracy
  • #6: Responsibilities attributed to new Gods will vary depending on their Legend evaluation - see sections #1,340,546 to #1,346,854
  • #15: Only the Yellow Emperor is allowed to drive humanity's progress
  • #16: Only exception to the rule #15 are Fuxi and Nuwa, the Holy Creators
  • #54: All attempts to produce godborns or wyrdborns must be approved by the Birth Control Office
  • #69: Mortal humans shall live under the rule of marriage
  • #734: The use of Taiyi is strictly prohibited to harm lesser beings - see definition in sections #1,230 to #1,465