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The Jade Sea is an Otherworld under the complete dominion of Dragons - powerful Mythborn active throughout the World. Immortal, numerous, and powerful, the Dragons represent a bastion of supernatural power, rivaling a Pantheon in raw power.
Reaching the Jade Sea is an arduous task, as the only entrances to the Jade Sea are the currents of seas, oceans, and rivers throughout the World, and not a particular place within them. This means however that dragons can travel to and from any part of the World, and they sell this commodity for quite a hefty price to the Gods and their servants.

Dragons come in all shapes and sizes, from the bulky, winged European dragons and wyverns, to the serpentine Naga, the feathered Coatls, and the sea-faring Eastern Dragons of Asia. Dragons dwell mainly in mountains and bodies of water, and preferably with access to both.

In the Jade Sea, there is no ruling body. Dragons are generally inherently independant creatures - with the exception of the Naga, which follow their Nagaraji - and as such the rule is generally done by general agreement. The closest thing Dragons know to an organization is the Dragons generally respected by their peers as the wisest or most powerful, and trust them to speak for them.

Among those, the greatest voices come from Ryujin, Dragon-God of the Amatsukami, the Four Dragon Kings, and Tatzintlicoatl, an elder of the Coatl race. Nevertheless, never has the Dragon race been united under one leadership.

The Dragons of Europe have been devastated by the Gods and their fame-hungry Godborn, leaving only the mighty, lucky, or well-hidden alive. Immortal beings have long memories, and the denizens of the Jade Sea are no exception. Angry at many of the Gods, only the mediation of Ryujin has managed to avoid open warfare.

On the other hand, as creatures able to accumulate limitless Legend over an eternal lifetime, Dragons are prime candidates for becoming Titan Avatars: Kur, Apep, Crom Cruach are all powerful Avatars, and have brought many of their kin with them to the side of the Titans. Nevertheless, the temptation of power is not enough for dragons to forget their pride, and independence.