Born in 1952 to Mary Tamsah, James grew up in Florida never knowing his father, and all his mother would tell him is that he was a very important man who was very busy and had to leave before he was even born. James, other than not having a father figure around, had a fairly standard childhood and grew up as did all kids, there never seemed anything particularly special about James, he was just about average in all things he did and he did stand a good head taller than all his friends, though he had a fierce temper which he learned to control as he grew up.
At the age of 18, in 1970, James was conscripted to go and fight for the US in the Vietnam war which had been raging since he could remember, James was against the war, he knew the US didn’t really need to be involved over there but he wasn’t very interested in the politics of it and had never really gone out protesting like some of his friends and schoolmates had been doing. However, when he was conscripted, he suddenly wished he had done so, maybe he could have helped stop the war that he was now getting dragged into.

James fought fiercely in the 3 years he was over, 3 years of horrendous conditions, terrible food and shelter, terrifying battles and horrific atrocities committed he became a different man in that time. A primal fury arose in him whilst he was stationed there, he became more animal than man, he would charge into enemy territory and his squaddies could have sworn they saw bullets bouncing and clinking off his skin, which over the 3 years became harder and slowly became scaled. He was a savage monster in that time, driving away all those around him, a beast to be loosed towards the enemy.

When the US pulled out of Vietnam in 1973, James was no longer a young man, he was changed, he at least came out the horrible rage and fury he had been kept in constant state of for 3 years but he could always feel it there, bubbling right beneath the surface, barely kept in check. So he moved out into the swamplands in south Florida, built himself a shelter in the wilderness and tried to keep to himself as much he could.

After a few years of living in solitude he was approached by a tall, well-dressed man who, calmly let himself in, dusted off a chair to sit on and pulled, seemingly out of nowhere a fine china plate with a large well-cooked rare steak, a sparkling silver knife and fork and began to eat. James looked at the man in intense confusion, the stranger seemed nonplussed by James’ appearance and wiped his mouth and gestured for James to take a seat.

He introduced himself as someone called Sobek and announced he was James’ father. James scoffed at this but after several hours of conversation was indoctrinated to the world of the divine and supernatural and his place in it. James felt a fierce anger rising up, the likes of which he had not felt so strongly since Vietnam, the presence of this man, talking to him so calmly, explaining how James was his son, a son he had abandoned, all the childhood anger and grief came bubbling out and James smashed through the table gunning for this man, seeing through a red mist, with no thought to the danger he might be putting himself in. As he lunged he suddenly found himself outside the hut he had built for himself and the other man was standing opposite, gone was the strangers polite smile, the smart clothes and pleasant demeanour, in their place was a huge man, with scales akin to James’s own and a savage, ancient hunger in his eyes; “Very well boy, lets see if you have what it takes”. For the first time since he could remember, James felt real terror after gazing into those eyes but then the red haze descended once more and the two mighty combatants threw themselves at each other.

What ensued was several hours of fierce brutal fighting but eventually James’ rage began to subside and he realised that this other man, Sobek had just been playing with him all along, and at any time could easily have stopped James’s attack and crushed him like an insect. With this terrible realization he backed away, and seemingly before he could even blink the stranger was once again the smartly dressed polite looking man he had seen before, all the wounds on James suddenly vanished, along with all his pain, the man winked and disappeared but not before James heard a voice in his head; “In your hut lies instructions for tasks I need you to complete to prove yourself and your worth, once these are done you will be given further instructions. Goodbye, my son.”

Over the following decade or so James was sent on more and more missions for the gods, being forced once again to unleash his rage upon someone else’s enemies. And now he has been chosen to be part of a great mission by Sobek himself to help the forces of Order where he would be working with several other Godborns, some of which he had encountered before in his life to complete some great task, another war in his life is about to begin.