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Slavic God of War and Spring and son of Perun and Dodola, Jarilo is definitely not what he seems to be. Unlike many of his fellow War Gods, Jarilo does not have a thick and brutal physic and is definitely not a warmonger. He is a defender of slavic lands and Bogi Lyudei.

Brother-husband of Morana, Jarilo is not an aggressive God until provoked. He is the protector of slavic lands rather than anything else and bring them warmth and food. Where his father Perun is the sword, Jarilo is the shield.

Abducted at birth and raised by Veles in the fields of Iriy, he became without knowing it, the love rival of his kidnapper by being Dziewona's secret lover and Hors' father, while already married to Morana.
When Veles heard about Dziewona and Jarilo's affair, he quickly warned Morana of what was going on. Out of anger and sadness, Morana killed her unfaithful husband, becoming the Goddess of Death. It is said Morana's act triggered the roughest winter ever witnessed by slavic humans to date. But Jarilo was only gravely wounded and soon recovered from his wife's stabbing and brought Spring with him.

He, of course, ended his relation with Dziewona, but despite this unfortunate event, like an eternal reminder of his fault, every year his nearly lethal wound weakens him so much that Spring fades away. This usually announces the arrival of Morana and Winter.

Morana may have stabbed Jarilo for his affair with their aunt Dziewona, but she understands the need of godborns to defend the slavic lands and closes her eyes on her husband's affairs with mere mortals.
Like their father, Jarilo's Godborns are filled with protective behaviors and have a trusting mind, sometimes even naive. But fool is the one who would try to betray them, as they will witness their martial skills and suffer their ire. They are usually benevolent billionaires, policemen, security guards, bomb defusers or even outlaw justicars.

Associated Powers

Tai Yi - Flow
Epic Presence
Epic Strength
Epic Toughness
Fire - Life
Fire - Strife
Light - Brightness

Associated Abilities