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Embodiement of Inevitability as the Fall of Dynasties, Jo'Kung is a creature of the Grim Reaper and Trokan's sworn enemy. Dubbed the Dynasty Breaker, his belief is that any civilization eventually reaches a point where it crumbles and he always makes sure it happens.

Jo'Kung's methods are always the same: he watches every civilization, every organized group of beings and waits for them to reach the peak of their glory. Meanwhile, he orchestrates their downfall, pulling strings here and there from the shadows. His agents are his eyes and ears both in the World and the Overworld and become his armed hand when the time has come to take actions.

Jo'Kung is sneaky, utterly patient and a true mastermind. He despises everything that does not accept its fate and tries to revive its past glory. Such a disrespectful attitude towards his work…
But Jo'Kung does not take care of wordly matters only, he also makes sure his concept is enforced in the Overworld as well. As such, Trokan's attempt to revive the glory of the Land of the Damned - the Grim Reaper's territory within Sheol, which fell when the Avatar was thrown into Tartarus after being cut in pieces - is nothing but a heresy for Jo'Kung, who does all he can to stop him. What is dead shall remain dead.

Sharing a common concept with Apophis, both Titans work together in a close partnership. Their alliance is dreaded throughout the Overworld, Apophis bringing the strength and might and Jo'Kung the brains and strategy. It is said his agents are infiltrated in every Godrealm, especially those of pantheons prompt to enforce social order, such as Aunu and Tiàn.