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Kagutsuchi is a major Titan of Muspelheim, currently neutral in the Overworld conflict and the Avatar of Fire as Lava. Once the son of Izanagi who killed his mother Izanami at birth, he currently defends his territory fiercely but prefers trading to invasion.

Kagutsuchi appears as a red skinned giant oni with a lava mane and fiery eyes. He carries a lit torch in one hand and a cup of boiling water in the other. He was the last son of Izanami, and he killed her by burning during childbirth. He was cut down to nine pieces and cast out into the volcano of Muspelheim by Izanagi to punish him. Kagutsuchi fused with the nature of Muspelheim and meditated on the nature of its violence and anger. During that indefinable period of time, he became a full-fledged avatar of Fire as Lava with the eight Magma Lords, who were once all parts of him, as his most powerful lieutenants.

He now commands Etimesoy, the most potent volcano in Muspelheim that his second in command Fafnir guards constantly, with which he wants to drown the World. Despite this cataclysmic objective, Kagutsuchi seems to hold back his destructive force for the time being. He stays far from the conflicts of Muspelheim, preserving his strength and preparing. This ability to accumulate power and release it in one go makes measuring his true strength difficult. He did battle the far older Yam to a stalemate during the Second Titanomachy…However he does not fight Surtr's dominion over Muspelheim, instead selling him rare volcanic ores to fuel his war against Vrtra.

However, there is nothing quite as scary as a sleeping volcano suddenly shaking…