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Kahiki honua kele or Kahiki, the land that moved off, is the Godrealm of the Nga Tama a Rangi. Unlike many Godrealms, you can't find any lavish palace or riches on the island. Floating in mist, populated by various kinds of mythborns, Kahiki was an archipelago in the World for quite a long time, hidden just above the horizon in the Pacific Ocean.
When the Concordat of Stonehenge was signed, the Maori Gods moved their home to the Overworld, in one of the Eyes in the Layer of Tempest of Amaunet close to Oceanus. The passage to Kahiki is hidden from all, even from Tawhirimatea and his ally Huracan, by a mystical fog, the Heavenly Mist of Infinite Mirage. This construction was created by Rehua and Tane Mahuta with the help of Lir, Tlaloc (still a God at the time) and Ao Run.

Because of this impressive protection, Kahiki is difficult to actually find and reach. To stay happy, stay hidden is the approach the Maori Gods chose and so far, it has worked quite well for them. They can strike in Amaunet or in Oceanus without fear of retaliation. Only a being with the Runic Tattoos of the Broken Horizon can reach (or guide others) to the Maori Godrealm : a rite of passage for any Maori Godborn reaching apotheosis is receiving this mark from Tūmatauenga himself (he has to be convinced that he will remain loyal to the cause of the Gods).

However, Kahiki's immunity is now put in danger as one of the creator of the Heavenly Mist of Infinite Mirage, Tlaloc, has recently turned into a Titan of amaunet and his agenda is still a mystery… And the Nga Tama a Rangi is preparing for the worst…

Kahiki itself looks like a floating Polynesian Archipelago, though more plentiful and with a kind weather. A small village with tall houses made of wood stand at one edge of the main island where all gods live. No house is owned by a specific individual, and the whole village is disassembled every 99 years and moved to the other side of the island, to allow Ruaumoko's volcano to engulf half the archipelago in lava, fertilize the land and create a gentle cycle of seasons. The island itself floats in the sky, with a half-bubble of sea water full of Tangaroa's creatures engulfing its bottom. High above the island lies the floating cloud temple of Rehua, encircled by thousands of birds. The center of the island is covered with a plentiful and kind nature that please Tane Mahuta, Rongo and Haumia-tiketike.

Overall, the Maori Gods' home is not that different from Hawaii or the Samoan archipelago in its topography (except for the floating part of course) : the Nga Tama a Rangi feel like if they want or need something else, they shall give it to their people as well first.