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African God of Darkness and member of the Lwa generation of the Orisha, Kalfu is Legba's twin brother and son of Eshu. Like his brother, he is a God of Crossroads as well and wherever one can find Legba, one will also find Kalfu.

Wearing exactly the same outift as his brother, Kalfu is almost indistinguishable from him. The slight difference is the glass of rhum infused with gunpowder he always drinks.

As a God of Crossroads, Kalfu is always there to show an alternative path to whoever present themselves to a Fate node. Where Legba has a more benevolent approach, helping only when he is asked for and always trying to give the best options, Kalfu on the other hand will always try to sell the worst paths - generally the grimmest ones, leading to addictions, destructions and so on.

Humans associate him with the darkest spirits and deeds. Even though humans tend to blame him for anything wrong in their lives, they are actually not that far from the truth, as he is an agent of chaos.

He is tolerated among the Orisha thanks to the balance he and Legba are bringing to the Fate, which looks a lot like Belobog and Chernobog destiny, but also because his disappearance would also mean Legba's and would amputate the pantheon from its psychopomp. Although he is tolerated, he was banned from the Great Highway management since he used his power and previous responsibilities to facilitate a few Titans movements.

Kalfu, as all Lwa Gods, being a Chwal master, his children are rarely conceived willingly and they usually inherit his most devious traits. Like him, they bring trouble everywhere they set foot. Nobody can ever work with them as team and because of this, they are lone wolves. They love selling bad ideas disguised as brilliant opportunities. Drug dealers, pharmaceutical or industrial food companies marketing directors, or even greedy plastic surgeons are among the range of activities Kalfu's godborns are practicing.

Associated Powers

Chwal - Rider
Chwal - Puppeteer
Night - Veil
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Epic Senses
Depths - Shadows
Depths - Underground
Night - Obscurity
Tai Yi - Flow

Associated Abilities