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Terrifying Kali, Goddess of Time, Destruction and Power, is the Destroyer of Evil and the Divine Protector, Bringer of Liberation and Redemption. She is said to have been created by the Universe itself, the embodiment of the fury of the Gods against the wicked and the evil. With human heads as a collar, blood dripping all over her body in a never-ending stream, Kali is a terrifying figure.

Black-skinned, Kali is a twin aspect of Parvati, the two being both the same, and distinct, entities, like two faces of a coin which always face different direction. Kali first manifested herself when the Rakshasa Daruka had received a boon under which only a woman could harm him. Parvati merged with Shiva's body, and out rose Kali, black-faced, snarling, and wild. Daruka and his armies were routed, but only Shiva could contain her bloodlust. Awakening again, Parvati was offended to be called Kali, and lost her dark complexion after many austerities to be pale and golden, banishing the darkness inside her, which became Kali as a separate Goddess. Nevertheless, the two are still one and the same, two aspects of the original Parvati. And just like Parvati calms Shiva when he enters a dark rage, so does Shiva himself calm Kali when she does the same.

Dancing on the corpses of the death, macabre symbols all around herself, Kali is seen with horror by most of the Deva. Only Shiva understands her, and even the other Pantheons do not understand why her black rage is necessary to ensure the Cosmic Order: destruction is necessary, and it is not pretty. This has led her to be relatively rogue and solitary, despite her fierce loyalty to her Pantheon and in particular Shiva. Nevertheless, she has become closer to her Aztec counterpart, Tezcatlipoca, in recent years.

In modern days, Kali is a field surgeon, a vigilante hunting down the guilty, or a butcher. Her Godborns are just as to the point and unafraid the get their hands dirty as she is, addicted to destruction and violence, but always in pursuit of justice and a greater purpose. Generally, the Gods ensure a Godborn of a more responsible deity is around, able to contain their rage and aim it at the right target.

Associated Powers

Death - Destruction
Epic Strength
Water - Raging Sea
Night - Void
World - Stone
Depths - Decay
Order - Gravity
Order - Control
Death - Extinction

Associated Abilities