Kannagara No Michi - shortened as "Kannagara" - is the Discipline born from the Mythborn. The Mythborn and their Otherworlds form both a barrier and a gateway between the World and Overworld.
Seeing this ability, the Great Sage Merlin realized that if he could harness it to his advantage, he would be able to free the World from the Gods' influence. Using advanced forms of Druidism, he infused himself with Kami, channeling the natural abilities of the Kami using the Soul of a human in order to control and target these abilities. This ability is what is known as "Kannagara"

Kannagara allows Enlightened infused with Kami to cut off Legendary beings in the World from their source of Legend (except if that source of Legend is internal to them). This is especially powerful against Titanspawn, which draw their power from their Titanrealm in the Overworld, and against Godborns, who draw their Legendary abilities from their divine parent. As such, Kannagara is most effective against Wyrdseeing and Invokation.

Developped by Merlin, his Circle of Merlin has the most proficient users of the Discipline, and counts a great many users of Kannagara. The mix of Kami and Soul into one being leads these Druids to be rather hermits, more companion with trees and animals than people, but their ability to channel the natural power of the Mythborn alongside their increased Druidic abilities makes them a vital tool in the hands of the Circle.