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Kilyamama (sometimes named Quillamama) is the daughter of Viracocha and the young sister of Inti. She is the Goddess of the Moon and was at the center of Incan empire.

In a culture of rites based of astrological phenomenon, the moon cycles were considered one of the most potent cycles, changing destinies and creating a perpetual change. She is the Goddess of marriage, festival and of course the moon and one the most powerful of the pantheon, with a powerful mastery of Astromancy and rituals. The spots on the moon are from when a mythborn fox fell in lover with her, and when he went up to into the sky to steal her away, she squeezed him against her and created the park patches visible today. Her shrine in Hanan Pacha has walls of silver, a metal that comes from her own tears.

In the pantheon, Kilyamama is the big sister to everyone. With an enigmatic smile, she is always kind and caring, hosting parties and organizing both rituals and feasts in the honor of the gods. She is the diplomatic voice of the pantheon and is much more progressist than her brother. However, she fully recognizes his rule. She has gained a lot more influence: with the rise of the titanic threat, many Incan god believe that now is the time to create alliances. Kilyamama has close ties to many moon deities, from Selene and Hine-Nui-Te-Po to Tsuki-Yomi, she has successfully created ties and is trying to bring the Incan out of their isolation progressively without challenging her brother.

When she takes human form, Kilyama always encourages gatherings and efficient cooperative work. From spiritual coach to sociology teacher, she always take great care to see that her actions fit to the will of the stars. Through the use of Astromancy, she and her progeny often see signs that others miss and take decisions that have positive long-term consequences. They prefer to wait for the right time to strike or heal. They anticipate, organize and coordinate… And when the stars align, they are unstoppable.

Associated Powers

Night - Stars
Chwal - Puppeteer
Night - Sleep
Epic Senses
Light - Illumination
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Sky - Peace

Associated Abilities

First Aid