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Prominent Features

Kosmos is a paradox in itself. A casual observer expecting an aggressive Titanrealm might first be stricken by the soft temperature, the gentle breeze and the reassuring light of day and night, alternating precisely without being aggressive to the senses. Kosmos is divided in twelve districts, arranged in a perfect disk around the Throne of Causality, the palace on top of Mount Othrys, the political center of Kosmos. Each District is of the same exact size and separated from each other by a precisely three miles wide water canal carved in marble, crossed over by humongous bridges. Each district has a specific, determined purpose, serving Kosmos as a whole.
From this perspective, one might think that Kosmos is a peaceful organism. And it is, but like any organism, it violently and immediately rejects any intruder with overwhelming force and relentless organized and purposeful efficiency. The circular wall around Kosmos, protected by the forces of Kronus, is of enormous height and width with only two entryways: the Gamma and Lambda gates.

The Alpha district is a processed food and meat production center. A gigantic livestock breeding ground combined with a mechanized slaughterhouse truly gives a new meaning to “from nature to culture”. The intensive farming, further improved by some insights from recent human advancements, produces all kinds of transformed food for all Kosmos, though the most common is the white cube, a tasteless block of cream-colored protein made mostly from insects. The process may seem disgusting, but its efficiency and cleanliness is actually unparalleled.

The Beta district is an agricultural center. Twelve layers of superimposed fields of perfectly watered and controlled cereals and trees are grown to feed Kosmos. Belonging to Kronus, the Beta District is built like one gigantic twelve-stories building, with an impressive use of mirrors and cristal to redirect sunlight evenly throughout the fields. The nature there is alien, with trees growing spherically or cubic shaped fruits. Strange marble golems can be seen, relentlessly harvesting, but also guarding the food supplies of Kosmos.

The Gamma district is the fortress of Kosmos, where its armies gather, train, get equipped and sent to other worlds. The district ressembles a network of military fortresses, each belonging to different titanspawns of various allegeances. However, Kronus is clearly the most influential player of the district as that is where he has his home and because of its control of the Just Order, a military force that also acts as a police all over Kosmos. The Just Order has relays and spies all over the Titanic Kingdom and a dangerously quick response time which has prevented any known attempts of infiltration or attack on Kosmos.

The Delta district is one of the manufacturing center of the city. Kronus makes sure this part of Kosmos is clean and efficient. Through a highly optimized process, no energy or material is wasted, all garbage is recycled and all orders clearly understood. The factories are large, but heir dimensions are less scary than their cold efficiency. Where Prometheus encourages energy and creativity, Kronus encourages productivity and repetability. As such, the manufactured goods from the Delta District are well known for their reliability.

Epsilon is the mining and refining district of Kosmos. Under the supervision of Atlas' Titanspawn and their gravitationnal powers, the entire district is composed of floating rocks, exploited from within until they crumble and fall to the ground. These floating mines produce the precious alabaster, marble and diamond necessary to all of Kosmos, making Atlas' influence much more powerful than his current state might suggest.

Zeta is a gigantic structure built by Atlas, before he was sentenced to support Olympus. The entire districts looks like a gigantic beehive, an architectural structure built to sustain an enormous amount of weight.

Eta, belonging to Chronos, is one of the most beautiful and scarcely populated spaces of Kosmos. Entire buildings made of glass clockwork shift slowly through space. Gears of precious stones vibrate precisely, emitting faint sounds that together form the melody of time. A melody that Chronos monitors strictly, and a traveler trying to find his way through must make sure not to disturb the mechanism or risk being frozen in time for eternity.

Theta, the research district, home of Coeus, is a one of the most secluded and secret district. There, the Titanspawns of Coeus make experiments on the Wyrd, divination and Legend. In these secret laboratories, research is a process not generated by ideas, but by method. They study the strongest artifacts to replicate them or strange individuals that might be a risk to Order. In fact, Theta also acts as the secret services of Kosmos, with a network of spies and intelligence gathering beings that are infiltrated in many organizations of most worlds.

Iota is the center of knowledge in Kosmos. Universities and libraries reach unimaginable heights in the form of tall ivory towers. Thanks to Coeus’s power, anything learnt anywhere by a titanspawn is transcripted somewhere in Iota. An entire army of scribs have in charge to sort and maintain the library, but since the liberation of the Titans, they are overworked and always in a rush, which infuriates Coeus as crucial information is sometimes being overlooked. The Avatar is however trying to gain new recruits eager for knowledge, and will soon be able to exploit his library fully.

Kappa is the administration center of Kosmos and the home of Themis. The level of bureaucracy Kappa reaches is as incomprehensible to a human as is Surtr’s heat. But it is however extremely strict and rigid. Themis often says that the laws produced by the Kappa district are what hold Kosmos together, and in a way, she is right. Titanspawn of Order naturally follow systems and the Law is a necessary one in any organization. It is rumored than more than a few Gods and Mythborn have obtained the right to enter the port of Lambda. However, such affiliations are generally kept extremely quiet. The port itself is an exchange place where goods from all titanrealms transit, are sold or bought. The entire district is built on gigantic stilts, allowing ships to be loaded and unloaded from above.

Mu is the gigantic market of Kosmos. As one might expect, it is not a chaotic place but more resembles a cold supermarket, where anything can be found, but the prices are high. If one can go inside, he will find the most exquisite goods, if he can find it. The market goes for miles and staying inside out of opening hours is a very bad idea. The personnel is very strict, extremely stubborn and fierce. More than one traveler has been crushed after losing his way in the vast halls of Mu… And their vengeful souls both warn and harm any future shopper.

Internal Politics and Culture

As the Titanic Kingdom of Order, Kosmos is very structured. All districts complete each other and nothing is wasted. The Throne of Causality assembles 12 dignitaries from each district (144 dignitaries total) to represent the interests of various Titanspawn and all decisions are taken by majority (78 votes). However, any Major Avatar can veto any decision made by the Throne, except if there were more than 100 votes. Each Avatar has a Hand, a trusted advisor and consult who has the charge of influencing and making his reforms pass. The five Hands form a second assembly, but its purpose is not exactly known, except by the Avatars themselves.

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The Throne of Causality. Art by Adam Paquette

As of today, Kronus controls about 48 dignitaries. As such, he is the most influential of Kosmos, controlling more than a third of the Throne of Causality and the only Avatar whose decisions cannot be vetoed. However, his influence has been slowly declining lately, despite the actions of his lieutenant and brother, Iapetus, his Hand.

Atlas's Hand has 4 dignitaries. His influence over the Throne is pretty low, and he was never very interested by the political aspects of Kosmos. Which is why he chose Viśwákarma, a powerful Hindu Titan of Architecture as his Hand. Some say, he has actually more influence than Atlas himself had and could become a major Avatar of his own, even though he swears his loyalty to Gravity is absolute.

Chronos has 6 dignitaries but unlike Atlas, his political influence is quite high. Acting as a neutralising and comprimising force in the Throne of Causality, his dignitaries are respected, wise and seem to be experts of diplomacy and patience, just like the Hand, Ikenga, an old African Titan of Planning.

Coeus influences 14 dignitaries, but thanks to his library and his knowledge, his political influence is actually higher than this low number might suggest. He and Themis form the second power block in Kosmos, a block that is slowly growing in power, thanks to Mnemosyne, his loyal Hand.

Themis influences 32 dignitaries and is the major opponent of Kronus in the Throne. Despite her lower military might, her district controls commerce and that, along with her Hand, the Inuit Titan Issitoq, hold a strong political weight.

The remaining 40 dignitaries are spread out amongst the many other Avatars of Kosmos, and can be swayed one way or the other in complex political games.

Relations and links

Kosmos is the most remote titanic realm. Far from the Gods, its only links are through the Lambda quarter, where ships from many other Titanrealm come to exchange goods. Some say you can reach Kosmos from all Titanrealms if you know the way. However, Kosmos’ forces do a thorough check-up of anything or anyone that comes through, obliterating any intruder without any form of remorse. A non-titanspawn may enter Kosmos only through a personnal invitation of one of the main Avatars. And Kosmos being a very well oiled machine, the invitation of other beings is considered a huge risk.
Kosmos’ titanspawn are generally cold and apathic. From alabaster golems to djinns made of glass, their appearance is plain but efficient. They are tools made for a purpose in the order that is Kosmos, and can’t be convinced of anything else. Their internal fight are strictly political or economical, and through defeat or victory they remain purposeful and steady. They may appear less frightening than fire giants or roaring lightning serpents, but the powers they wield over gravity, knowledge or even time make them extremely powerful foes.

God Presence

Far from the reach of the Gods and extremely well protected by powerful seals and walls, Kosmos remained a sanctuary for Titans even after their defeat. There is no God presence in Kosmos.


Notable Titanspawn