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Art by el-grimlock

The great Kronus, formerly the most powerful of the Gods, defeated his father Ouranos, who controlled most of the World in the ancient age. However, Kronus eventually became too involved in the World and became absorbed by the Titan of Order.

As the Avatar of Control, Kronus allied himself with other Titans to reshape the Overworld in a great civilization, which he would control every aspect of. Around him, the Overworld coalesced into one, global, towering entity bound to his will, The Ymir, Kronus' ultimate plan being to absorb everything into the Ymir before merging with it himself to become everything that is or could be. To ensure his realm would not be troubled by new Gods, he started swallowing his children. His wife Rhea saved his last son, Zeus, wrapping a rock in linens instead for Kronus to swallow, and sending the newborn God to be raised on Mount Ida.

When fully grown, Zeus forced his father to throw up his siblings, and along with his brothers, Poseidon and Hades, and the help of the young Pantheons of Gods and even Kronus' mother, the Titaness Gaia, he led the Gods to victory against him, toppling him down like he toppled his own father. Under his leadership, the united Gods freed themselves from Kronus' grip, defeating the Titans, banishing Kronus to Tartarus, and tearing apart the Ymir.