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Art by alexruizart

Kua Fu, the Sun Crusher, is Aten's ultimate weapon against Helios' rebellion. Pure creation of the Titan of Brightness, Kua Fu's primal mind is fueled by only one desire: obliterate Helios and his allies within Aether.
Kua Fu is a titanspawn of Cold Light. Antithesis of Helios' concept - the nurturing and warm light - Kua Fu feeds on Helios' light itself like a photoluminescent bio-organism in order to radiate its own pale, bright and life-consuming glow. Its hunger for light knows no limits and Aten's extreme brightness is just enough to feed the beast and ensure its control.

Thanks to its power, Kua Fu has been able to keep fighting at Helios' gates for centuries and its mere presence is largely enough to draw all of the rebel forces to it. Thankfully, Selene's forces manage to stall it for the time being, setting a fragile balance in the fight against Aten.

However, if Kua Fu were to pass through the Titan of the Sun's defences, it would mean the end of the rebellion…