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Kubera, former King of Shambhala from its capital Lanka and ruler of the Fey of Asia (known as Yaksha), is the wealthiest Mythborn alive and an ancient, influential, yet peaceful entity. Short, pot-bellied, always in a good mood with a twinkle in his eye, he is also an accomplished diplomat, and a peerless negotiator. The wealth of Lanka is born from his skills, and he never lets anyone forget it.

Despite being a Mythborn, Kubera's is closer to the Gods, especially the Deva. This was not always the case. In his early years, Kubera and his Yaksha were closer to their other Fey brethren - wild, violent, and friendly with their Rakshasa cousins. He ruled Lanka with an iron fist, hidden from his enemies in the hidden crags of the Himalayas, secret entries to Shambhala known only to him. That is, until his half-brother, Ravana, unseated him.

Kubera was defeated humiliatingly quickly by the mighty Ravana, and when the armies of the Rakshasa marched forward on his city, neither wily spells nor hidden ambushes stemmed the tide. While in exile, he came up with a plan.

Ravana was eventually killed by Rama, and Kubera took back his place alongside those among the Yaksha who had remained loyal to him. His first act was to link close to the Deva, and organize the Ruling Assembly of Lanka, no longer a ruler but a member of a wider group. Then, he started organizing his Yaksha, meeting the Pantheons, hosting lavish banquets. At a time when Rome was a group of huts, Kubera was organizing trade routes and agreements at all four corners of the Overworld. He bought ambrosia from Hermes, exchanged it for silk threaded from rays of moonlight by Selene, then gifted that to Mab in exchange for a preferential partnership on the sale of Elven weaponry. He wove threads over the course of centuries, and made a literal fortune only equaled by the likes of Osiris and Dis Pater.

What Kubera lacks in physical might, he makes up for his absolute essential role in trade throughout the Overworld. He, before anyone else, learned that commerce is the best way to avoid wars, and indeed Shambhala and the Gods have never been at war once. Highly respected, his favor - and wealth - the constant target of Gods' attentions, Kubera has proven that sometimes, the Orichalcum coin is mightier than the sword.