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Art by hibbary

Kunmanggur, also dubbed The Rainbow Serpent, was Hyperion's Paladin. He is one of the few titanspawns who have been genuinely worshipped by humans for its benevolence towards them, especially by aborigens in Australia as the Nga Tama a Rangi was secluded.
As a Paladin of the Titan of Glory, Kunmanggur used to announce his master's majesty after rainy days by shining high in the sky, showing off his magnificent colors like a peacock during a nuptial dance. His appearance after droughts used to bring hope to the humans below, as it was a sign of existing water sources which had not dried out.

Since Hyperion's demise however, Kunmanggur joined Helios in his resistance against Aten's rule over Aether. As a paragon of splendor, Kunmanggur has become Helios' first messenger in his relations with the Gods.