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Kur, the Primordial Dragon, the first of his kind, is one of the eldest beings alive. He is the embodiment of the World as limitless vastness, of the dangers of the road, of the unknown. Kur is the dragon that awaits at the edge of the horizon, in the vastness of the sea, in the emptiness beyond what is known. If one is to travel and explore the World, he should be wary. For in the mysterious lands far from home…there be dragons.

Kur is the enemy of all who attempt to chart and reduce the size of the World through technology, and generally is opposed to Nature being bound and manipulated by petty mortals. As such, he is a protector of Otherworlds, as he sees them as the true limitless expression of the World, especially the Jade Sea which holds the majority of the Dragon race.

Kur's penchant for freedom and the chaos of the unknown has put him at odds with the newer Titans, especially those who strive for unification and civilization such as Kronus or Aten. But Kur remains one of the most powerful beings alive, and his relative neutrality has meant his rivals have never mustered the resolve to go to all-out war against the First Dragon.