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Kvasir is a God who was created by the Aesir and Vanir Gods and Goddesses at the conclusion of the Aesir-Vanir fusion.

The deities sealed their peace by the marriage of Sif and Thor and a treaty by coming together to produce an alcoholic drink by an ancient, communal method: everyone in the group chewed berries and spat out the resulting mush into a single vat. This liquid was then fermented. In this particular instance, the fermented liquid became the God Kvasir.

Kvasir was the wisest of all beings. There was no question for which he did not have a ready and satisfying answer. He took up the life of a wanderer, dispensing his wisdom to all whom he met along the road. His travel ended when he came to the house of two powerful mythborns of Terra, two dwarves named Fjalar (“Deceiver”) and Galar (“Screamer”). With the direct help of an unknown Titan, they killed him and drained his blood into three containers. They told the Gods that Kvasir had suffocated from an excess of wisdom and became a Titan of Order as Reason. Odin feared, but Heimdall quickly established that it was an obvious lie.

To try to buy their forgiveness to the Gods, the two dwarves brewed mead by mixing Kvasir’s blood with honey – the Mead of Poetry. This legendary beverage has since been passed on, and gives poetry, wisdom and answers to all who drink it. It is now under the responsibility of Odin himself.

The Titan behind the death of Kvasir is still a mystery. Some say the God of Wisdom had found a way to escape Ragnarok and was killed before he could verify his hypothesis. There are many Titans who would be interested in assuring the fall of the Aesir, but the culprit certainly knows a lot about Fate.