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Lada is the Slavic Goddess of Love, Beauty and Marriage and is said to bring Summer with her. Where Rod can take credits for being the genitor of the first generation of Slavic Gods, none of the most powerful of his children would be without his union with Lada. Through it, she gave birth to Perun and Dodola, the most influential Gods in the pantheon.

Her pale skin and blond hair makes her look like an innocent woman. She usually likes to walk in deep woods when visiting the World, enjoying the beauty and peace of nature. Numerous of mortal men already fell for her natural charms and tried to court the Goddess but none could ever do it.
Like her husband, she is a benevolent Goddess, a nurturing mother to her children and not eager to be involved in any plot. Officially that is. That being said, she will always provide advice and moral support to any of her children (or her husband's), assuming they would come to her for such help.
She is welcome in almost every known Godrealm and her caring and nurturing character led her to become very close of Goddesses such as Isis and Yemoja. She also befriended Frigg, the Norse Goddess of Love and Marriage and Odin's wife, which led later on to a quiet vassalization by the Aesir.

Thanks to Lada, the Slavic Gods are able to remain free of their actions and keep their way of life as nomads in the Overworld. Divine Geopolitics are of no interest to her, but in order to protect her children, she can display formidable diplomatic skils.

Perun and Dodola are the only offspring Lada ever created. As a faithful wife and despite the number of men courting her, she never fell in love with a mortal or any other God nor deemed any mortal worthy to be infused of her Legend and therefore no Godborn of Lada has ever been witnessed…yet.

Associated Powers

Epic Appearance - Beauty
Fire - Strife
Epic Beauty
Fire - Life
Depths - Abundance
World - Life
Tai Yi - Flow

Associated Abilities

First Aid