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Beautiful Lakshmi was found in the aftermath of the First Titanomachy, when the Gods finally managed to install something resembling Order on the Overworld. Risen up from the waters of Oceanus alongside her elder sister Nirrti, Lakshmi has mysterious origins, but was quickly extremely popular among the Deva. She became the consort of Vishnu, and so much more than that.

Lakshmi is Vishnu's divine strength, his resolve, his drive, and his actual and metaphorical anchor. Without Lakshmi, Vishnu would wilt and fall to despair. She has followed him from incarnation to incarnation. She was the reason he rose to action as Rama when her own incarnation, Sita, was abducted by Ravana. She was the reason he rose to protect his people as Krishna. Over and over, the same is true: Vishnu will preserve the World, and Lakshmi will be the drive behind his great achievements.

Represented by a lotus flower, Lakshmi is always surrounded by beauty, providence and happiness. She provides those who follow her with all of their physical and spiritual needs, caring much for those who are willing to trust her.

Lakshmi rarely visits the World anymore - only when Vishnu himself does, and that has not happened in millenia. Instead, Lakshmi imbues mortals with her ichor, and these Godborns spread her hope, happiness and beauty in her name. As such, Lakshmi is little involved in the global politics of the Gods, and has a simple role: make people happy.

Her Godborns have traveled the World to help others and are always faithful, hopeful, and beautiful. They have been beaming street vendors, party planners, or dedicated wives and husbands driving their partner to greatness.

Associated Powers

Light - Brightness
Spiritwalking - Soulbinding
Water - Healing
Depths - Shadows
Order - Knowledge
Night - Moon
Tai Yi - Flow

Associated Abilities