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African God of Crossroads from the Lwa generation and psychopomp of the Orisha, Legba is the son of Eshu and Kalfu's twin brother.

Wearing a black hat, a black jacket and a red vest, Legba is a benevolent God whose duty is to lead the souls to Guinee. Also called "Papa Legba", he is also a God carrying the concept of reflection. As a God of Crossroads, Legba helps humans or whatever being finds themselves facing a Fate node. To such humans, Legba will always provide caring advices but will never prevent them to listen to Kalfu, as he respects humans free-will.

Also in charge of the Great Highway along with Hermes, he ensures the passage between the Overworld and the World stays safe from any titanic influence. Kalfu was among the rulers of this Otherworld as well, until he decided to use his position to allow passage of Apep's army to Aunu. Fortunately, Legba and Hermes realized Kalfu's intentions before Apep's arrival and diverted a part of the Highway to in order to lose the titanspawns in the infinite vastness of the Otherworld.

Despite his serious duties, Legba is a playful God, always swift to joke around. Every few decades, Legba is invited within Guinee to party with Baron Samedi and Maman Brigitte.

Like their father, Legba's Godborns are strongly linked to Sheol and travels. They are keen to use their abilities to travel around the world and ease the life of others, wether it is through humor or bringing comfort in grief. They are counselors, psychologists, members of a humanitarian NGO, paramedics or priests.

Associated Powers

Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Tai Yi - Flow
Epic Senses
Sky - Peace
Depths - Abundance
World - Expanse
Night - Stars

Associated Abilities

First Aid