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Las Vegas

In 1994, the Titans Kronus and Apophis escaped from Tartarus. Joining forces with Gaia, the three Titans prepared a large-scale attack on Asgard. In a mad rush to find a way to stop the Titans, many Gods put in motion increasingly desperate plans. One of Odin's plans was to forcibly open a link to an Otherworld known as the Reliquary, which could contain a weapon powerful enough to beat back the Titans. As opening such a link requires creating a large amount of Legend, and concentrating the will and hopes of a great number of humans, Odin sent a group of Godborn to Las Vegas - the one place where hope and imagination is the strongest in humans. The Godborn were tasked with the creation of Legend and an investigation into why all the hopes and will of the people of Las Vegas were being siphoned away, not able to flow out and create the link.

These Godborn were directed to obtain Legend by any means. In order to achieve this, the Godborn decided to learn how the groups controlling Las Vegas functioned. After an unfortunate incident leading to the stealing of a car and the crippling of an old man, the Godborn came to infiltrate the lair of a drug dealer, Jimmy Two-Fingers, a human with some Naga ancestry serving the Jade Tigers. Kidnapping the individual, the Godborn attempted to learn more about the major powers of the city.

Endeavoring to orchestrate their rise to power, the Godborn spent time learning more on the city's Gangs, hoping that one of them would support their plans for increasing their Legend. Meanwhile, through the use of Voodoo, Sigmund managed to start a cult in the slums of West Vegas, making a church congregation believe he was a Prophet coming to free them from the gangs and corruption, this creating the Church of the Cleansing Wind.

The Godborn then attempted to ally themselves with Mr H's gang. Instructed by a casino owner named Surima to take down an encroaching competition from the Diamond Family in the form of a competing casino, the Godborn proceeded to create an elaborate plan to ruin the rival casino. Identifying a casino patron as a high-ranking member of Janus, they crafted a listening device hidden inside a rose, after which Rick Reynolds landed it in the patron's pocket by pretending to be entertainment. Learning of a security flaw in the vaults of Janus, the Godborn tricked a Diamond Family executive to use that information to attempt a doomed heist of a Janus-owned bank. After the operation's utter failure, blame was put on the Diamond Family, then on the casino, leading to the death of the executive himself, the burning down of the casino, and a power vacuum in the area which was filled by M H's organization. As a reward, the Godborn were hired as independent contractors and given a warehouse and some weapons for their militia.

Embarking on a mission to recruit competent individuals to mold their developing militia into a powerful group, they then located an ancient Myrmidon named Makhai, working as a security chief for Janus. After revealing their nature as Godborn, they proved their worth as leaders by having Nagao lead their untrained mob into an assault on sewer-dwelling poisonous Skaven, and defeating them without a single loss. Subsequently Makhai joined them as a trainer of warriors, in order to turn their cult into a true military force. The group then made a deal with Wuliao, one of the leaders of the Wan Liu Brothers, to spoil a major reserve of expensive wine that their rivals, the Comtes de Montaubant, held in one of their bases. In exchange for performing that mission, Wuliao gave the Godborn one of his pupils, Sheng Liu, as their infiltrator.

Surima then instructed them to take over the Diamond Family-controlled West Slums for Mr. H. Mobilizing their small gang, the group successfully brought down the local executive, a Cyclops named Gog the Butcher, and let Surima take over the area. However they then found hiding in the slums a fellow Godborn, named Tutsem, son of Osiris, who informed them that Mr. H. has a violent hatred of Godborn. Their service with Mr. H. compromised, they resorted to find another sponsor.

They found such a sponsor with the Jade Tigers. After proving their worth by striking a deal between them and the Behemoths, a powerful gang controlling most of the muscle in Vegas, they were introduced to the Emerald Queen, a powerful Nymph who informed them that Surima was actually a spy working for the Jade Tigers. Creating them an underground hideout where they could be protected from Mr. H.'s forces, the Nymph then tasked them with destabilizing the rest of Vegas, and in particular Mr. H. and the Diamond Family, and prepare their own gang in order to strike alongside the Jade Tigers and take over Las Vegas. They also learned of a genius physician held by the Brood, and rescued him. The surgeon, Glindus Fizzletorque, an eccentric Gnome, joined their gang as their doctor.

The Godborn decided to create a status quo between Mr. H. and other gangs, and force a war ensuring that an evenly-matched conflict would lead to both sides becoming weaker. Since the Diamond Family was weaker than Mr. H.'s forces, they attempted to have Janus ally themselves with the Diamond Family, balancing the forces. Through a series of attacks against Mr. H. while disguised as members of Janus, the Godborn upset the relations between Janus and Mr. H. enough that one of their leaders, David Mons - a Godborn himself and thus already a target of Mr. H. - started seeking out allies in the Diamond Family to ensure his safety.

The most violent of the Godborn' assaults on Mr. H. was on the Steel Mill, an industrial district protected by a warrior named the Steel Jaguar. Nagao Harukage cut his arm off in a duel, breaking the will of his forces. In his headquarters, the Godborn found a secret weapons lab, where the Cyclops Vosteris was creating experimental guns infused with Legend. Turning him to their side, they moved the lab to their lair.

Under the advice of Surima, the Godborn then assaulted the West Slums they had just captured for Mr. H. Surima had on purpose left the area with very little defense, allowing them to quickly overwhelm them and claimed the area for themselves, securing their first holding and dramatically increased the size of their Cult.

The Godborn decided to complete their crew by recruiting a librarian, a hacker, and a suave talker. They found the librarian by entering the Repository of Knowledge, and discovering that a Centaur also often visited it from Las Vegas. Tracking down the Centaur to a Janus warehouse of artifacts and ancient texts, they discovered that the Centaur was the ancient sage Chiron. Tempted by the solving of a great mystery - the Reliquary - and the discovery of the true identity of Mr. H., Chiron joined the team, on the condiiton that they created a link to the Repository of Knowledge in their lair. The Godborn went to Wuliao, who agreed to provide them with the required stockpile of ancient knowledge in exchange for getting the Wei Liu brothers large creates of gold and silver that Janus protected in a warehouse.

After securing Chiron, the Godborn attempted to contact a group called Metadata. Cultists of Prometheus obsessed about innovation, this hacker group got in touch with the Godborn after Sigmund used Voodoo and Soulbinding to make an IT technician of the Janus headquarters of the Stratosphere install a virus in the hotel's computer network. This allowed the Godborn to recruit a hacker, Ashiro, into their ranks.

Finally, attending a party organised by the Comtes de Montaubant, the Godborn met Marguerite, a Dame Blanche, manipulating a group of wealthy businessmen. Promising her an extremely priviledged position in their cult - as well as a large compensation - they recruited her.

Having assembled their team, the Godborn planned and executed a successful Heist on the Diamond Family - emptying the powerful gang's Vault and substantially increasing the power of their own gang.

Weeks later, their gang having grown powerful, Odin's satisfaction with their progress sent two Demigods to bolster their strength for a final push of Legend before the Titans' attack. The Godborn went to the Behemoths for reinforcements, gaining the favor of one of their Lieutenants and becoming allied with the violent gang.

With the gang war between the Diamond Family and Mr. H. well under way, the Godborn decided to turn their efforts to discovering the identity of Mr. H. For that purpose, they organised a plot to capture the enigmatic leader's main enforcer, Carlos Chavez. Setting up an ambush in which they lured him into, they managed to trap him in a ritual devised by Chiron. After a battle of wills in which Chavez attempted to assault the Godborn with nightmarish visions, he retreated, leaving only blood and a rabbit's foot amulet behind. They discovered that Carlos Chavez was a Godborn of Tezcatlipoca turned traitor, and Nagao's Druidism allowed him to commune with the amulet's kami, which allowed them to learn that Mr. H. was one of the last of the Native American Gods, who were driven to extinction by the other Pantheons centuries before, and was feeding off the hopes and dreams of the millions of visitors to Las Vegas every year - Mr. Hope.

The Godborn learned that these Gods took their power from Totems, constructs channeling Legend destined to Titans to them instead. They dicovered Mr. H. had a great number of Totems installed in almost all casinos of Las Vegas, unnoticed. Destroying most of them, the Godborn were left with only two, in the Bellagio, casino of the Diamond Family, and in the MGM Grant. They created an elaborate plan to plant a bomb in the Bellagio and blame the explosion on the Pope, closing the casino temporarily and shutting off the flow of Legend to Mr. H., and flew their Soul-infused plane into the MGM Grant to destroy the Totem hidden there.

As retaliation of their destruction of the Totems, Carlos Chavez and Mr. H.'s forces attacked their gang's territory, laying waste to their forces, but were stopped by the Godborn, who beat them back.

With the fighting between Mr. H. and the Diamond Family becoming more and more heated, the Godborn' allied gangs met at the Behemoths' Luxor Hotel, to plan their move while their enemies are distracted. Their goal was to take over Mr. H.'s palace, then hold it against his returning troops.

This led to the Godborn gathering information about Mr. H.'s forces. Contacting their parent Gods, the Godborn discovered that an individual named Rejina was hiding additional, heavily-guarded Totems, which lieutenants of Mr. H. were bound to protect. Preparing a coordinated attack with their allies, they planned on drawing the troops defending Mr. H.'s palace away by having allies attack the Totems. Meanwhile, they were working on a way to draw Mr. H. out. Having learned that most of the Native American Gods were destroyed using Taiyi, they attempted to simulate the presence of one of the Dragon Kings, the most powerful Taiyi users outside of Gods. To simulate the Legend produced by such a being, they got into contact with a group of Technodruids to recruit a Celtic Godborn to their cause, as Enech has the particularity of temporarily channeling the Legend of the God the Godborn could eventually become. That Godborn turned out to be Valeska Gert, who agreed to use her Water and Enech powers to simulate an attack by one of the Dragon Kings.

Putting their plans into action, the Godborn attacked Mr. H.'s fortress, and the fear of the imaginary Dragon King forced him to flee. Cornering Mr. H. and defeating him, the Godborn released all the flows of Legend he was channeling. The confluence of the resulting output of human will and the Legend accumulated by the Godborn formed an entrance to the Reliquary itself, which Rick Reynolds entered alone, as the most willful among them.

Inside, Reynolds was tempted by riches beyond imagining, but made his way through and all the way to the deepest chamber, which contained the very artifact Odin was seeking: the Adamantine Sickle. Exiting the Reliquary, he was greeted by the Asgardian patriarch himself, swiftly taking the Sickle from him and congratulating the Godborn in obtaining a valuable weapon against the Titans.

After the fall of Mr. H. and his subsequent imprisonment by the Gods, Las Vegas came under the rulership of Sigmund himself, while Rick Reynolds and Nagao Harukage left to pursue the Brood which still threatened the area.