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Art by Hua Lu

Chinese God of Thunder and Punishment, Lei Gong was once a Godborn of Shennong who became a God and is now a feared and reverred deity among humans.

Bird-headed, winged and bearing sharp talons, Lei Gong is the enforcer of the Celestial Bureaucracy and makes a point to bring justice to all who committed secret crimes as well as those who used their gift of Taiyi in order to harm other beings.

In his mortal days, Lei Gong reached Apotheosis by eating a peach from the Golden Orchard, at the time unguarded as Idun had recently turned Titanspawn. While his fellow Gods were busy repelling Rakshasa, Lei Gong entered the holy garden left unattended and ate an ichor-filled peach, thus becoming a God.

At first a minor God, Lei Gong climbed the hierarchic ladder rather quickly and became an important component of the Bureaucratic mechanism. Upon his induction as God of Thunder, Lei received two mallets and two drums which he uses to make the sound of Thunder.

To help him with in his duty, Lei Gong has four assistants: Dian Mu, his wife and assistant in charge of Lightning ; Feng Bo, his assistant in charge of Wind ; Yun Tong, in charge of Clouds and Yu Zi in charge of Rain.

Like their father, Lei Gong's children feel entitled to enforce justice and punish crimes. They thrive on their own ideal of justice and once set on their tracks, almost nothing can stop them. They are resilient and well-organized planners. One can find them as corporate managers, federal judges, private detectives or even executioners.

Associated Powers

Death - Destruction
Light - Illumination
Epic Strength
Fire - Destruction
Fire - Magma
Sky - Destruction
Order - Gravity
Order - Control
Tai Yi - Nature

Associated Abilities