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Art by Zerochan

Lin Wang is a Godborn of Hine-Nui-Te-Po. Born in 1954 and raised by a Taiwanese father in the Chinatown of New-York city, Lin quickly developed contacts in local mafia groups, most specifically the Ghost Shadows. These groups were more of a militia, protecting Chinese interests in the racist and dangerous NYC of the 60’s and 70’s. Lin demonstrated exceptional talent for stealth and effectiveness at an early age, able to keep his calm and professionalism, even the most confusing of firefights.

In 1971, Lin was visited by his mother Hine-Nui-Te-Po who revealed him his heritage and destiny. He joined the B.E.A.R group, with Carl Johnson, Hamset and Nita Nairobi. Their adventures led them to create the Overworld Trade Center in 1971.

In the ritual, Lin lost his left eye. It was replaced by the Moon’s Eye, a gift from his mother who allows him to see clearly in darkness as long as the moon is up. Lin is a cold and loyal individual, with strong ideals. Though generally an introvert who prefers actions to endless debates, he always remains calm, judging situation from afar and using both Sky as Calm, Night as Shadow and Death as Peace to remain professional in all his actions. He is not a people person, but he knows how to get things done. Loyal to a fault to his pantheon and his group, he generally dislikes to full-frontal approach of his comrades, often focusing on the objectives and staying efficient.