Lir as Titan of Mist
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Art by Anna Steinbauer

Former Celtic God of the Sea, Lir was the one who found Manannán mac Lir on Emain Ablach and became his foster-father.

During the Second Battle of Mag Tuired, in an attempt to save Nuada from Balor's devastating blast, Lir turned himself into an enormous pool of water and put himself between Nuada and Balor. Unfortunately, he underestimated the power of the blast, which went through him and outright killed Nuada. In the process, Lir was scattered in a thin water mist and in order to keep his essence together by going back into a liquid state, he bonded himself with Oceanus past the point of no return. Thus, he became the Titan of Mist, settling in the border between Oceanus and Amaunet.

As a Titan, Lir is not harmful and nurtures good relations with his former brethren and the Nga Tama a Rangi, who he helped build the Godrealm of Kahiki. His goal is now to maintain a permanent misty state all over the World, whether in the literal sense or metaphorical, by keeping mysteries hidden from sight

His realm is a vast and thick fog just above the infinite sea of Oceanus, just under the first layer of Amaunet, where his spawn lurk hidden above the sea, ready to prey on the unsuspecting passing below.