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Celtic God of Sky and Oaths, Lugh is the son of Cian and is among the most prominent figures of the Tuatha Dé Danann.

Tall, with a muscular body and long blond hair, Lugh's face is always serious and he rarely smiles. Far from being a killjoy, Lugh instead has always something in his mind. He is a paragon of honor and as such he is known to never have broken a promise.

Lugh is the inventor of Enech. This story is closely related to the Second Battle of Mag Tuired and Cian's murder by the Fomorian King Balor's sons.

Cian owned a magic cow, which could produce an infinite amount of milk. Balor, jealous of Cian's possession, sent his sons capture the cow but in the process they ended up killing the God. Lugh's mother, who was also Balor's daughter and a beautiful fomorian princess, died from her grief. Lugh, then a teenage God, vowed to himself to make his grandfather and his uncles pay for their deeds. This promise never left Lugh's mind and one day, after he joined the Tuatha Dé, he cornered his uncles and forced them to retrieve powerful artifacts to help the Celtic Gods in the upcoming Battle of Mag Tuired. Isolated from their father's authority and outnumbered by the God's forces, they had no choice but to accept. A few months later, they came back to Lugh with all the artifacts he requested but were badly wounded during their final challenge. So they asked for Lugh to heal them, but the God seized this opportunity to take his revenge on his father's murderers and let them die from their wounds. At the time Balor was resisting Crom Cruach's pressure urging him to enter the battle against the Tuatha Dé but the news of his sons killed by his grandson pushed him to enter the fight against the Celts…and to suffer the fatebinding eventually leading to his death when Lugh would pierce the Fomorian King's eye with his spear. Noticing how successful he had been by simply following his vow, Lugh developed it into the Enech magic, which earned him the title of God of Oaths.

Most certainly one of the most talented champions of the Thuata Dé Danaan, Lugh is also more than that. Harpist, sorcerer, smith, craftsman and poet. Lugh is God of many skills and he is talented enough to know how to use them in the right place at the right time.

By his reputation, Lugh earned the trust of the Circle of Merlin where each Knight holds a specific vow they are pledged to follow to the death. Even though Lugh was not fond of Merlin - who kicked the Tuatha Dé out from Ireland - he respected the Arthurian Knights and their values and became closer to them after Merlin's disappearance. He is also in good relations with Guan Yu, since both of them are pledged to follow their own code of honor above all.

His children are also driven by their desire to follow a code of honor. They are almost all users of Enech and they are all talented at something (or, quite often, everything). Serious about life and their actions, they always go where their vows takes them, without questioning them. They are also patient, relentless and unbelievably smart, able to make plans which might seem crazy at first but will unfold many months or even years later. Their sense of honor brings them discipline and they respect anyone with any kind of honor as well, whether they are sworn enemies or not. They are vigilantes, cops, classy thiefs or even godfathers in local mafias.

Associated Powers

Epic Strength
Order - Control
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Epic Presence
Epic Toughness
Order - Gravity

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