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For the Godborn that this Goddess was before reaching apotheosis, see Lyra Dalton.

Lyra is the Goddess of Freedom, the ever-fleeing, ever-shifting embodiment of the lack of attachments of bindings. Her powers of remaining free are such that some speculate she can be free from Fate itself. Partly trickster, partly genius, partly negotiator, Lyra always attempts to find a way around any problem she may face.
Space is a very relative or temporary issue, and physical, mental, or mystical barriers all fail to stop her. In her constant travels through the World, Lyra has been a warzone reporter, a homeless wanderer, an inspired artist or a vocal anarchist. Lyra's children, like her, long for freedom and look for knowledge.

Associated Powers

Night - Stars
Light - Brightness
Epic Senses
Sky - Peace
Night - Moon
Tai Yi - Flow
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Night - Sleep

Associated Abilities

First Aid