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Lyra Dalton

For the Goddess whom this Godborn became after reaching apotheosis, see Lyra.

Lyra Dalton, Godborn of Hermes, is an explorer and journalist for the BBC and a member of Soaring Anarchy.

Born and raised in a small village in Wales (where she attended the same school as her fellow Godborn Aeron Rhod), Lyra was friends with a boy named Hector - who turned out to be her father in disguise, and who saved her from an ambush by Titanspawn who were attracted to that place by Hermes' presence. She then received her formal Visitation, as well as her companion Allan, a talking sarcastic bird, and a compass which allowed her to sense ley lines.

After completing a course in Archeology, Lyra was hired by the BBC to travel around the World as an investigative journalist. Her supernatural success in her job made her renowned at the network, allowing her the free roam needed for her to complete missions for Hermes at the same time.