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Queen Mab of the Winter Court is the Queen of the unseelie, the winter Fey. Lording over a large portion of Fairie, Mab can see any part of her territory, control the weather, or even reshape the very features of the land. Queen Mab is more than a leader - like Titania, she and Fairie are one and the same, and she has obtained a form of immortality, as her existence is intrinsically linked to the Otherworld, and as long as it exists, so will they.
Queen Mab is extremely powerful, enough to match any but the strongest of Gods - and in her own realm, few are those who can challenge her. Many a God has attempted to make a move on Fairie - and though Titania deals with her enemies in a grand, fearsome display of power, Mab relies on trickery and illusions. Enemies attempting to attack Mab would get lost for decades, lost to hunger, age or madness long before catching a glimpse of the Fairy Queen. But even those who craft their way past Mab's magic often underestimate her raw power - and cruelty. But anyone earning her favor can see that for themselves, as they explore her exquisite Frozen Gallery. The crowning piece of her collection is an entire army of Apep's Snake-like Titanspawn, "acquired" over a millenia ago.