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Nymphs are known to embody the natural features of the World. Forests, springs, lakes, valleys, Nymphs are everywhere. Their gentle nature - as gentle as the wind rustling the leaves of an oak tree - has led them to be one of the most servile species of Mythborn, with any being of power, whether they be Titan, God, or Mythborn, often using them as servants, spies, or worse.
At least, this is true of the Nymphs more commonly known to mankind. But deep in the forests of the Amazon live Nymphs which long ago rejected this fate. Wild, cruel, twisted, these Nymphs all want nothing more than survival and freedom.
Their leader is Madremonte, "Mother Mountain", and she has long ago shed the pretense of beauty and calmness of other Nymphs in favor of ruthlessness. Making her home in the jungles and swamps of the Dark Forest, her territory is endlessly encroached on by those who think Nymphs weak. However, in the last hundred years, not a single one of her subjects has been killed or enslaved. Every enemy incursion was met with the land fighting against them, horrendous plagues, swarms of insects, and treacherous swamps taking their toll until they gave up or perished.

Deep under her swamps, the festering bodies of foolish intruders fertilize the next generation of Madremonte's unbowed spawn.