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Mahuika is the Māori Fire Goddess. She was once the wife of the now titanspawn Auahitūroa, who serves under Prometheus in Muspelheim. She is a daughter of Tane Mahuta and the younger sister of Hine-nui-te-po, Goddess of Death.

It was from her that Māui obtained the secret of making fire. At the beginning of times, Auahitūroa and Mahuika lived happily as the benevolent God and Goddess of Stellar and Earthy Fire respectively. They married and had five children, named for the five fingers on the human hand, called collectively Ngā Mānawa. However, during the Second Titanomachy, Auahitūroa betrayed the Gods and joined Prometheus in his efforts to take over the World. Mahuika was furious, sad and empty as her children had also joined their father's side. She was granted the right to divorce him in the eyes of the Gods and decided to take revenge.

Her first move was to prevent fire in the World so that her ex-husband could not gain hold. She kept the fire that Auahitūroa had given to the humans for herself. She battled the Titans with so much fury that even Tūmatauenga had to recognize her power. However, when the war was over and her family locked in Tartarus, Mahuika became inconsolable and kept the fire as a reminder of her lost happiness. It was only through trickery that Maui was able to steal it back and give it to humans.

Mahuika is a fierce Goddess who has more than earned her place in the Nga Tama a Rangi. Forever saddened by the loss of her family, she hides her sorrow with anger and agression. These emotional outbursts, though destructive, don't usually last, and she then returns to a more serene state. She demands respect from everyone and she once punished a Godborn couple that had cursed her by dropping the entire volcanic island of Rangitoto on them with the help of Kagutsuchi.

With the departure of her husband, Mahuika has learned to face the World on her own. Strong and fierce, she inspires the fire of conquest, creation and energy in her people's hearts. She has often taken human form in the world, as a pyrotechnician, a divorce attorney, a public speaker or a marathon runner. She sometimes enjoy taking male form in order to reach her goals, which are often to lead, create energy and canalize it. Her numerous Godborns are similar, always energetic and sympathetic but prone to hold grudges.

Associated Powers

Fire - Life
Fey Sorcery - Summer
Fire - Strife
Epic Strength
Fire - Destruction
Tai Yi - Flow
Epic Senses
Fire - Invention

Associated Abilities

First Aid