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African Goddess of Death from the Lwa generation of the Orisha, Maman Brigitte is Baron Samedi's wife and ruler of Guinee. She is an ancient godborn of Ayao who lived in the fields of Louisiana during the dark age, before reaching Apotheosis and join the pantheon.

Wearing a black hat with colorful colonial dresses, Maman Brigitte is always seen with a glass of pepper juice in her hands - like her husband - and a black chicken by her side. Along with Erzulie, they are the only mulatto goddess of the Orisha, testimony of the forced culture mixing of the Slave Trade.

Maman Brigitte is a caring and cheerful Goddess, always prompt to give a hand to whoever needs it. She is especially the protector of women and uses her Chwal and Taiyi abilities to free them from any malevolent fatebinding a God such as Kalfu could have set upon them. Like all of the Lwa Gods, Maman will use violence only as an extreme last resort.

But Maman is also a free deity. Even though she enjoys ruling over Guinee and party with souls, she loves going out in the World and party with the living. And every Saturday, with her husband, she exits the Underworld and goes clubbing in the streets of New Orleans.

Despite being respected and entrusted, Maman (and Baron) are being the target of rumors about their glasses. What are they really drinking and why are they always seen with a glass in the hand?

Her children are usually thriving for freedom. Trustworthy, they will always use their knowledge and skills to help others as long as they remain free to do it in their own terms. They react badly to pressure and lack of freedom and they despise most of all the people who won't trust them, as they have a trusting nature by nature. They are found in a wide variety of jobs, as long as it allows them to obtain the freedom they crave.

Associated Powers

Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Chwal - Puppeteer
Tai Yi - Flow
Spiritwalking - Necromancy
Chwal - Rider
Night - Moon
Night - Veil

Associated Abilities

First Aid