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Celtic God of the Sea and Psychopomp, Manannan's origins are unknown to this day. He inherited his current name by becoming Lir's foster-son when the forme God of the Sea found him. He is also Fand's husband and Niamh's father.

Tall, thin, redhead and always wearing white drapes, Manannan's look is as mysterious as his story. Countless times he raised suspicion within the Tuatha Dé Danann, but he also proved himself worthy at least as many times while staying distant from the Divine Geopolitics.

How Lir found Manannan remains a mystery. All that is known is the former God of the Sea found him on one of the numerous islands of Tir na nÓg - called Emain Ablach - and adopted him.

Manannan is quite a singular deity among the Tuatha Dé, as he is not known for his martial prowesses nor for mastering any druidism ability. Battles do not motivate him at all but one should still consider picking a fight against him with caution. He owns an enchanted sword, Fragarach - "The Answerer" - which can slice through any armor and, when pointed at a target, can make it answer a question truthfully.

Fragarach is not the only magical item owned by Manannan and it is said Emain Ablach contains many magical artifacts many adventurers seeked over the centuries. Many were those who attempted to steal from Mannanan, but all of them ended up in their homes with no memory of what had happened to them. Among the publicly known artifacts owned by Mannanan are a goblet of thruth, a flaming helmet and his horse Enbarr - which is able to run on water as well as on the ground - which he offered his daughter as a present. Upon his foster-father's death, Manannan inherited his cloak of invisibility, which he used later to end the affair between Cúchulainn and Fand. But his most famous possession is his boat, Wave Sweeper, he uses to ferry the dead to Tech Duinn.

To help him in his psychopomp duties, The Morrigan - whom he nurtures a friendly relationship with - placed a few Banshees under his command. When no banshee is available to accompany the souls to the Underworld, Manannan uses a Spirit Orb to quicken his work.

Like their father, Manannan's Godborns are full of secrets. They can have a big range of personalities, but they all share a specific aspect: they all possess this inner sense of adventure and travel which leads them to discover the World and its wonders. Ther are ship captains, globe-trotters, CEO of aeronautic companies or NGO field agents. Those are only a few fields where Mannanan's children cann be found.

Associated Powers

Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Tai Yi - Flow
Night - Moon
Sky - Peace
World - Expanse
Epic Senses

Associated Abilities

First Aid

Known Godborns