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Maui was the most famous hero in Maori and Polynesian mythology. As the Maori's Herakles (though he would have said that Herakles is, in fact, the Greek's Maui), Maui accomplished many incredible feats as a Godborn in order to make humankind prosper. A cunning warrior, a playful trickster and a courageous Godborn, Maui is often the example of the young challenging the old not to destroy or subdue it, but to make each other grow.

Maui realized extraordinary feats during his life times. He created the North Island of New Zealand from the body of a powerful titanspawn. He challenged the Sun Avatar Helios in order to slow it down and allow humanity to prosper. He brought back fire from the fingertips of the Fire Goddess Mahuika to save humans from one of the most dreadful of Tawhirimatea's storm. The number of his exploits varies from island to island, but one thing is for sure, Maui was strong. Armed with a powerful fishhook made from his grandmother jawbone as well as an elite shapeshifter, the youngest God had more than earned his place in the pantheon.

Unfortunately, Maui's love for the humans he spent his time with was to be his end. After providing humans with so much, he decided to bring them with the ultimate gift: immortality. Sneaking into the abode of Hine Nui Te Po, Maui entered the Goddess' mouth, hoping to take her heart - the heart of a Goddess of Death - to provide humanity with the power to control Death itself. On his way out, however, one of his companions raised the attention of the Goddess. As Maui was escaping the Goddess' body, her sharp obsidian teeth cut him apart, ending his hopeful quest of providing immortality for his beloved humanity.

Maui's memory is not forgotten - some groups of Enlightened see him as a martyr who died for the cause of Man, while some Gods use his story to warn ambitious Godborn of not challenge the Divine.