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Art by Giacobino

Merlin, also known as Myrddin Wyllt, was the latest Great Sage to date and the author of the Concordat of Stonehenge. Thanks to his actions and those of the Milesians, the Gods withdrew themselves from the World and stopped waging open wars between them.

Trained to arts of Nihilism by Moses himself when the latter landed on Britannia, he very soon became a master of Kannagara no Michi upon his arrival in Ireland. Forming an alliance of Secret Societies and Mythborn, he drew from the power of the Otherworlds, the middle realms between the World and Overworld, using them to form a permanent barrier making it exceedingly difficult for one to influence the other. This powerful ritual, concluded after years of conflict and strife, was the Concordat of Stonehenge.

When the Milesians landed on the isle of Britain during this conflict, he helped them banish the Celtic Gods who were in the middle of the Iron&Stone ceremony where The Dagda was supposed to withdraw Claíomh Solais from the Stone of Destiny and be proclaimed High King of Ireland. But the legendary sword remained there, planted in the rock while the Gods retreated to Tir na nOg

What happened of Merlin afterwards is shrouded in Legend. Stories of Arthur, the Lady of the Lake, and more are whispered in the halls of the Circle of Merlin, but all that is known is that no one knows for sure what happened to him, or whether he even died - or if someone does, they are guarding that secret well.