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Mictlan, the Teotl Underworld ruled by Miclántecuhtli, is a dark places where souls have to earn their place. Unlike heroic souls who become stars in the Teotl Godrealm, or dishonorable souls who are eaten by Miclantecuhtli, "normal" souls have to travel for 4 years (on average), through many perils and challenges to reach Mictlan.

Through valleys of winds made of blades, a sea of blood or a forest filled with spectral jaguars, souls can only be destroyed and try again from the beginning. Xolotl helps the most valiant souls, but the journey remains perilous, bringing each soul to its maximum potential.

Mictlan itself is a dark place, resembling a cave made of bones, inhabited by powerful souls. They lay, resting, of a dreamless sleep, the suffering of life or death finally over, leaving only content. On some very rare cases, a soul can wake up spontaneously from its slumber to be reincarnated into the World with the accord of Miclántecuhtli. This strong soul usually becomes an Enlightened on the side of the Gods as, unlike in Hades, reincarnated souls keep some of their memories and allegiance.