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Long before the Amatsukami came darkness, and with it Amatsu-Mikaboshi the "August Star of Heaven", also called Ame-no-kagaseo, "Brilliant Male". Where he came from is unknown to this day, some say he is a dark force that existed before the universe, reigning over Nyx alone in absolute darkness and control. However powerful the avatar of Night as Void is, he remains beatable.

He was defeated during the First Titanomachy by the combined attack of Kronus, Tūmatauenga and Izanagi, and his influence has never recovered (despite his ethereal nature having allowed him to barely escape the shackles of Tartarus). However, his presence and his taint can still be felt in every living being : a residue that lingers in the hearts of men that ressembles a feeling of void, emptiness and meaninglessness. Every being that succumbs to ill means to fill that void (ambition for example) inevitably links himself to the dark titan and Fate brings them to their doom.

The August Star of Heaven refuses to take any physical form. The physical World is a sham, an imperfection that will be consumed by void to leave only darkness. When he does appear to his followers, he resembles a dark presence, something that appears at the corner of your eye but quickly disappear, an old and dark anguish that drills the belly and freezes the heart. He is often represented as a white expressionless mask, floating in darkness.

Of all the Titans, Mikaboshi is considered, by the Gods' standards, one of the most fanatical and dangerous beings. He was a dominant avatar of Nyx and it was only by the combined forces of three pantheon leaders that he was defeated. Centuries of hiding have made him careful and filled him with both hatred and cunning. More and more of his titanspawns and cults have appeared everywhere, most notably in Nyx… In response, more than one Godborn is now exploring the World, searching for a way to hold back the Void. However, how do you hold something that has no form and had an eternity to prepare his inevitable revenge ?