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The Milesians were a population of humans originating from a lost Mediterranean island. Their history goes back to the days the Primarchs were still battling the Great Adversary.

Once living a peaceful life, the people who would become the Milesians millenia later, were threaten by the slaying of Tiamat by Baal and the Great Flood triggered by it. Baal, out of mercy for those innocent humans, took them to safety into Sumer.

There, they participated, along with other civilizations living in Sumer, to the construction of the Tower of Babel. One day, a group of Milesians went out of Sumer to wander the World after the waters withdrew. Unfortunately, this is when The Watcher destroyed all Axis Mundi leading to Primarch Godrealms, cutting the group of humans off Sumer.

Isolated but accomplished builders, the Milesians settled in lands which will soon become the Kingdom of Egypt and the Neter's territory. The Milesians blended in over the years following the creation of the Kingdom and their services as builders were very appreciated by the new rulers of the land. Generations later, the Milesians were united to the Neter through a royal wedding where one of them married Pharaoh's daughter. However, over the generations more and more enlightened were born among them. This created political tensions between the Milesians and the Neter, until the Milesians estimated worth it to leave Egypt to avoid direct confrontation against the Neter. Helped by Moses, a cabalist, they left Egypt and wandered for a few years, traveling all around the world in their ships in order to find suitable lands to settle on. They eventually found said land in modern Galicia and claimed it their own. There, they built the Tower of Hercules and, thanks to an alliance with the Illuminati, made it a passage to the Spire.

Meanwhile, Moses arrived in Britannia and found a tremendously gifted young man: Merlin. He trained him for years to the arts of Nihilism and Merlin invented Kannagara by himself. Meanwhile, the Milesians were still living in Galicia. One day, one of them climbed on top of the Spire and far beyond horizon spotted an island populated by Gods. It was Ireland, which, thanks to its great connexion to the Overworld through Tir na nÓg had therefore a print in the Otherworld. The leader of the Milesians then decided to send his best men to conquer the land and build a civilization there.

When they arrived to the coast of Ireland, they were greated by The Morrigan trinity who noticed many of these newcomers were actually enlightened. The three sisters quickly informed The Dagda, who was in the middle of the sword withdrawal ceremony. The Milesians met with the Tuatha Dé Danann and set their conditions: they were claiming sovereignity over the lands of Ireland. The Tuatha Dé laughed at them and banned them back to their ships. But the Milesian resisted and a war rose which lasted three years. It is during those three years the Milesians came in contact with Merlin. The Great Sage taught the enlightened among the Milesians the ways of Kannagara and asked for help to the Illuminati and the Cabal. Both societies and the Milesians teamed up against the Gods and after a long and relentless fight, managed to drive them out of the World back to Tir na nOg.

Armed with their success, The Milesians and Merlin made the Tuatha Dé Danaan an example of their power and, through a mix of intimidation and pragmatic negociations, managed to get the Concordat of Stonehenge ratified by all the pantheons.

Many years later, the remaining enlightened followed Merlin and became part of what would become the Circle of Merlin.