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Mixcoatl was one of the four Cardinal Gods and was the God of Hunting and the Milky Way, son of Coatlicue alongside Tezcatlipoca, Huitzilopochtli and Xipe Totec. He is the father of Quetzalco√°tl and Xolotl.

After the First Titanomachy, Mixcoatl learned that Coatlicue was pregnant again from an unknown godly father. Dishonored by what he identified as the "lewd ways" of his mother, and afraid that the child would threatened his position of Lord of the East, Mixcoatl created 400 Godborns to try to defeat his own mother. Huitzilopochtli intervened and defeated them all, eating their hearts.

Mixcoatl's heartless body was thrown deep into Tartarus… However, with the escape of Apep and Kronus, some say the black-masked God of the Hunt might be lurking once again…