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Slavic Goddess of Death, Winter and Harvest and daughter of Perun and Dodola, Morana is a powerful psychopomp.She is the also twin sister of her husband Jarilo and aims to teach men about protecting themselves of Winter and how to efficiently harvest their crops. She is the feared but respected guide of slavic people.

Usually tall, pale skin and black hair hidden under a dark hood, she either takes the form of an old woman holding a basket or the one of a magnificent death figure, coming to escort one's Soul to Iriy or Valhalla depending on one's life.

Morana met her husband when he escaped Iriy and both fell in love with each other, without knowing which relation were actually bonding them. This is when they were to meet Perun to announce their engagement that trouble appeared. Perun waged war on his brother Veles as retribution for having stolen his son but Jarilo and Morana were still determined to get married. And when the actual marriage happened, Perun and Veles made peace…and Jarilo met Dziewona. Their affair lasted for many years and they together conceived a child, Hors. Jealous of Jarilo success over his, Veles warned Morana of her husband's betrayal. Out of sadness and anger, she stabbed Jarilo and left him for dead, thus becoming a figure of Death. But Jarilo didn't die and was actually gravely wounded. Even though he recovered, every year his wound weakens him enough to make Spring fade away which is the cue for Morana to bring Winter with her and watch over harvests.

Like their mother, her Godborns are often driven by the desire to guide and teach others. They feel a great empowerment into sharing and using knowledge, on every level whether it is the scientific level or philosophical level. They are particularly eager to help people to prepare their death. They are high school teachers, kindergarten carers, public scientists but also explorers, archaeologists, historians, grief counselors or psychiatrists

Associated Powers

Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Tai Yi - Flow
Fey Sorcery - Winter
Death - Peace
Death - Horror
World - Stone
Night - Moon
Night - Obscurity

Associated Abilities