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Art by Molee

God of War, son of Shiva and Parvati, brother of Ganesha, Murugan is a young and fiery God of War. God of Youth and Leaders, he is beloved by his followers, whom he inspires to every greater feats.

Even young, Murugan proved to have an uncanny ability for rulership…and for getting his own way. When Brahma himself failed to acknowledge his presence, he became angry and asked him to recite the "Pranavaa-manthra" - the hymn of primordial Creation. When Brahma failed to, he captured him. Confronted by Shiva and others, he challenged Shiva to do the same. Though Shiva knew the answer, he decided to test Murugan, asking him for advice on how to understand the "Pranavaa-manthra". Murugan impressed Shiva with his knowledge and understanding, and was forgiven for his transgression against Brahma.

In his teenage years, Murugan quickly became a mighty warrior, hunting Asura and Rakshasa throughout the Universe, always seeking a more dangerous adversary. It is through these trials that his true Destiny was revealed to him. There was a prophecy according to which the wedding of Shiva and Parvati was necessary to birth a child who would vainquish the mighty Asura Taraka. Indeed, Taraka was besieging the Devaloka, and the Deva were close to falling to his might. But Murugan was now a full-fledged God in all his might. He challenged and killed Taraka, and defeated his brothers Simhamukhan and Surapadman. Humbled, the brothers begged for pardon before their death. Simhamukhan became Parvati's mount in the form of a lion, while Surapadman became Murugan's mount, as a peacock.

Since this glorious victory, and because of Indra's increasing rashness and isolation, Murugan became the glorious leader of the Deva's armies. Since then he's fought side by side with the other Gods, standing against the Titans, powerful and proud. He is a good friend of Ares, and both often create whole armies from dirt and have them fight, just to see who is the better tactician.

Murugan is very involved in the World, as a younger and fiery God, and has many Godborns eager to prove themselves. They are the very best warriors the Deva have to offer, in stark contrast to the calm and reasonable demeanor of most of their fellow Gods. They have a tendency to follow their own destiny and their own purposes no matter what, animated with a passion for finding their place in the world, finding what is their own Taraka which would bring meaning to their trials. They have been boxers, soldiers of fortune, or keen political debaters.

Associated Powers

Epic Presence
Epic Strength
Death - Destruction
Sky - Tempest
World - Stone
Order - Control
Tai Yi - Nature

Associated Abilities