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Mythborn are the product of kami and Titanic influence, creatures of all shapes and size which reside in Otherworlds. They are close in nature to Titanspawn, with the main difference being that they can evolve and change instead of being fixed in their nature. What's more, their closeness with the World means that their perspective is usually much closer to the one of humans than most Titanspawn would be. Some Mythborn serve the Gods, some the Titans, and most are independant. The most powerful Mythborn can possess as much or more power than Gods, such as Queen Mab of the Fey or the Dragon Kings.

Creatures that are living representations of places and features of the World - the various rivers, mountains, fields and seas - are Mythborn. In contrast, Titanspawn are purely elemental, conceptual creatures. A Naiad is a Mythborn of one particular sea. Yam, however, IS the concept of "sea". Some Titanspawn do sometimes dwell amongst Mythborn, such as Djinn, but they remain elemental beings.

Known species of Mythborns